DA Chile Writes Letters For Resistance Winter*!

*Note that in Chile, we're in the Southern Hemisphere Winter rather than the Northern Hemisphere Summer!

Democrats Abroad Chile has been proud to have sponsored two letter-writing events these last few months where some 20 people wrote 40 letters to American Elected officials. On two chilly nights in Santiago, members and supporters joined together in writing letters to senators, congresspeople, governors, and local elected officials about the issues that matter to Democrats, Americans, and indeed all human beings. Some of the topics of our letters included health care, climate change, LGBT rights, immigration, education, and non-resident taxation. We used our unique perspective as Americans living in Chile to illuminate the issues and make recommendations as to how to move forward with policies and laws that would help solve the problems of our world.  

With an American presidency in shambles, a Congressional leadership without a moral or rational compass, and millions of people living in fear of the rhetoric, goals, and cruelty of many of the Republicans in power in the US, we think it important to stay engaged and help with our goals of the #resistance until our party can take hold the reigns of government and right its course.

Enjoy pictures of our successful event here: