Joy Wiersum, Delegate Candidate for Joe Biden

I am a Wisconsinite, the daughter of lifelong union members. I am a global citizen, a ten-year resident of the UK with a passion for exploring the world. Although my adult life has been shaped by internationalism, my values are American and rooted in progressive, Democratic principles. As a leadership and strategy consultant, I offer strong communication, influencing and advocacy skills. I am proven in my ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholder groups. I convey complex, and at times contentious, information in a forthright, authentic manner. As an American abroad, I apply these skills daily in my personal life, often explaining American politics, policies and people to those I meet. As a delegate, I will leverage tirelessly my networks in Wisconsin and globally to get out the vote. It would be an honour to support the nomination of and to campaign on behalf of our next President, Joe Biden.