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    Martha McDevitt-Pugh, DNC Representative, Global

    I’m running for DNC Representative because I care about the lives of Americans living abroad and their families. I will serve Democrats Abroad as an advocate for our platform and make our needs known at all levels of the DNC. I have been working for legislative change as an advocate and activist for almost two decades. I will bring stories of our lived experiences abroad to critical issues, such as universal access to affordable healthcare, tax reform, immigration and the climate crisis. As an LGBT woman, I bring diverse representation to the DA DNC team. Having a strong and diverse team expands DA’s reach and enables us to work hand in hand with the constituencies, caucuses, and councils that comprise the DNC.

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    Alex Rehbinder

    A youth leader in France passionate about GETTING OUT THE VOTE and fostering the development of new leaders in DA.

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    John Baumlin - Asia Pacific Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders

    🔥 Hi everyone!🔥 I believe the Asia Pacific Delegate title is truly meant to represent a unique position to the convention. Democrats Abroad in AP, and as a whole, have direct experience in the effects of climate change, mass surveillance, and authoritarianism. If you select me as your youth candidate to go to the convention, I am going to bring those experiences directly to the forefront. I'm going to get in touch with the Sunrise Movement, and exchange strategy, tools, and ideas for organizing the next Climate Strike. I'm going to work hard, as this may be an online convention, to advocate for encryption so we have more adept and secure protests. But most importantly, I plan on using every procedural power in the book to keep the DNC accountable and protect the Unity Reform Commission. If you agree with those priorities, please consider me for this position!

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    Hayoung Wong, Delegate Candidate for Senator Sanders

    In Korea, I teach on-campus undergraduate, MA, and PhD students in Korean history, and I have voted in the past as a resident of New Hampshire and as a resident of New York. In order for us to transform the discourse of our nation, we have to present Senator Sanders’s policies as ideas that transcend the divisiveness of our politics today. With humility and with thankfulness for the opportunity to run for a delegate position, I feel that I must help to participate in restoring America’s stewardship of our cares, dreams, and hopes. Not everyone in this world has entered the world with a family full of connections to the echelons of power, and we have the duty of empowering the neglected in our midst. Through our efforts in bringing about a revolution in human rights for all, we can finally allow the downtrodden to step out from the shadows.

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    Mark Sinclair (Chile), Sanders Delegate, Americas Region and Global

    I'm a progressive cis-gender straight male Caucasian living in Chile, my birth country, since 2002. Educated in US public schools all my life, I support Bernie's Free Public Higher Education proposal. Since my youth, I've been involved in social movements and political organizing for a more just, inclusive and non-imperialist US- Picketting for United Farmworker Union boycotts in the 70s, organizing teach-ins and campaigns to end illegal US covert wars in Central America in the 80s and working in education/child welfare advocacy in the 90s (in Minnesota). I've been working in international student exchange for the last 18 years, principally with US study abroad students. In addition to supporting Sander's campaign pledges, I'll advocate for a sharp reduction in military spending (but support fully funding veterans programs) in order to confront health and climate crisises and a non-interventionist, multi-lateral foreign policy that promotes human rights.

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    Travis Mooney - Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders

    Dear Friends: Throughout 2020, I worked for Bernie, but also for Democrats Abroad. Our campaign understood working with DA -- no other campaign had official polling place representatives -- and our outreach helped deliver the largest turn-out ever for the Global Presidential Primary (GPP). I represent the Bernie Campaign: Since 2016, I've worked to win the GPP for Bernie. And we have done it twice. I am one of the founders of Bernie Abroad, and an official Bernie 2020 Campaign Co-Chair. I represent Democrats Abroad: I am the former Vice-Chair of Democrats Abroad United Kingdom. As a long-term resident outside the USA, I understand our problems, our needs, and how we help Democrats win. Like many, I wish that they paid more attention to those of us abroad, and worked to make sure our issues were directly addressed by the Bernie 2020 Campaign. I ask you for your vote. travis

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    Aaron Kruse - DNC Member

    I'm running to be a Democrats Abroad DNC member because I believe that the best way to make any institution better is to roll up your sleeves and get involved. Since joining DA I have helped found the DA China Country Committee, where I currently serve as Chair. I have also served as the Chair of the Bylaws Committee, a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee, and am currently co-Chair of the 2020 Platform Committee. If you've met me or worked with me, you know the energy I bring to everything I do for our organization and members. I will bring that same passion to this role while engaging with other members of the DNC, advocating on behalf of our members, and making our message heard.

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    Orlando Vidal — DNC Member — Global

    The DNC doesn’t accord DA the respect and support we deserve as representatives of 9 million Americans abroad. With the leadership of the Black Caucus, I stood as our only DNC Member opposing depriving us a first-round vote at the Convention. I knew that would make me unpopular with some. And I alone took the DNC on for discriminating against us with only half-a-vote, when every Member from every other delegation is treated as a full person. (Letting us have only half-a-voice means Americans overseas don’t matter as much to the Party. They’re wrong. We’ve been and can continue to be the margin of victory.) I did this despite our Chair’s disapproval because I’m tired of DA sitting at the back of the bus. If you want a principled fighter to continue to battle for Democrats Abroad, I hope you will send me back.

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    Stephanie Stewart - 2020 DNC Candidate

    Facebook: @StephanieStewartDNC As a 25-year overseas Democrat, I have a deep understanding of DA’s priority issues and strategies for achieving our most important goals. I also have significant experience working with members, volunteers, and voters. I have delivered concrete results to elect Democrats again and again. As DAUK Voter Registration Coordinator (2005 – 2012), DAUK Executive Committee Member and Vice-Chair (2007-2009), I organized 100+ volunteers to register voters, oversaw huge membership growth and hosted more than 100 events. In 2012, I was a DA Delegate for Barack Obama to the Convention. In 2014, I co-founded Ready for Hillary London, and then started London for Hillary. On the DAUK Executive Committee, I continue to promote, fundraise for the global Call The World Project, and coordinate events. As DNC member I will support our unique platform and I promise to actively liaise with membership, bringing the DNC conventions to you.

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    Vasilios Gikas, 2020 DNC Member Candidate Statement.

    2020 DNC Member Candidate Statement. Since 2016 I'm an At-Large Representative in Greece. I'm an Academic (since 2007) and a Politician (since 1982).

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    Alexandra Dufresne, Delegate for Joe Biden

    I am a lawyer for children and refugees and Deputy Counsel for Democrats Abroad (Europe and MENA). I spent most of my career as a lawyer and advocate for children in Connecticut's foster care and juvenile justice systems and a lawyer for detained immigrants. I also taught Refugee and Child Law and Policy at Yale from 2006-2015. I moved to Switzerland with my family in 2016, where I teach U.S. law, a NGO law clinic (starting Fall 2020), write OpEds about U.S. law and policy and work with refugee NGOs. I also co-founded a large action group called Action Together: Zürich, CH, who has worked closely with DA on Get out the Vote efforts. Our campaigns and demonstrations have been covered in Teen Vogue, USA Today, and The Independent, and we are committed to working with DA to make sure every American abroad votes in 2020!

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    Alissia Soanes

    Thank you for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to represent my candidate Mr Joe Biden from here in England . I am a Registered Nurse with a keen interest in how politics can come together for the common good. In a time like this a candidate of the quality of Mr Biden is essential for us to come into better days than the present situation. In my field I am daily presented with the challenges that people from all walks of life have to face and I am able to see how the effects of good government can come into play, or not benefit the people as much as they could have. So many people worldwide, even educated professionals, are only 2 paycheques away from homelessness and deprivation. I respectfully ask for your support to bring into effect the government we need this

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    Heather C. Etchevers, aspiring pledged delegate for Biden, EMEA (France)

    A dual U.S. and French citizen, mother of two others who also vote, I grew up as Gen X in Massachusetts. After a Wellesley B.A., I earned a joint Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and (today’s) Sorbonne Université and became a tenured biomedical scientist, team leader and civil servant in France. This has brought me unique perspective on international policies concerning STEM, reproductive/health, cultural and many other issues pertaining to U.S. domestic and foreign policy. A rare disease advocate for >20 years (Alone we are rare. Together we are strong), organizer of the Marseille March for Science in 2017, I feel my responsibility now is to aid Joe Biden’s election as next POTUS. He will use the many forms of expertise that come from experience. I want our party to implement testable, effective ideas from the diversely talented people who make us proud to be Democrats, together. Twitter: @Etche_homo Email:

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    Vergil Smith - Delegate Candidate for Joe Biden

    Originally form New Orleans, I presently live in Warsaw, Poland. My background is in Public Policy (BA, Duke University) and Theatre (MFA, Catholic University). This candidacy is my first ever in any sort of political action. The present administration propelled me into this action, as I could not sit by and watch my birth country dissolve into a hateful and divided nation. I believe Biden is the candidate that can fix both the domestic and international damage done by the present president. Living in Poland, I am acutely aware of how much respect the US has lost abroad. I believe we need a leader with Biden's domestic and international experience because once elected, there is no time to "learn" nor wait. Action must be taken immediately regarding climate change, universal health care, Russia and China, to name a few.

    Additionally, Biden should address the corruption and criminal activity of the present administration and bring them to justice.

    Vergil Smith

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    Salli Anne Swartz (France) DNC candidate

    Having acted as Counsel for DA France (two terms) , Vice Chair for DA France (two terms), Voting Representative France, Co Chair of the DA Global Women's Caucus, Chair of the Reproductive Rights Team and Co Vice Chair of the 2020 Platform Committee, I would like to continue to serve DA as a DNC member. In doing so, I would bring my DA experience and international lawyer and pro bono attorney expertise to the DNC . I am a team player and want to help the DNC know and love DA and help DA know and love the DNC. I want to support women's rights by making the ERA the 28th Amendment to our Constitution and by fighting for pro choice legislation. More generally, I want to support health care and higher education for all and I want to help make our America sane and safe for all.

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    Kenneth Sherman DNC Member

    I seek re-election as a DA-DNC delegate from the Americas. I have declared for Bernie Sanders. I look forward to our being unified under a President Joe Biden. The United States needs a single payer Medicare-for-All health insurance system. The COVID-19 pandemic demands such. Our present DNC delegation has worked as a team with DA Chair Julia Bryan. We have supported the leadership of DNC Chair Tom Perez and the recommendations of the Unity Reform Commission. We have labored to educate state parties on our unique challenges to GetOutTheVote and to register voters at VFA. I have lead efforts to contribute financially to party support. I also arranged a 10 member DAC delegation visit to the DNC Presidential debate in Detroit. Kenneth Sherman, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 2016-2020 DA Democratic National Committee Member 2013-2017 DA International Vice-Chair 2011-2013

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    CHRISTIAN PALACIOS, Colombia, Hispanic / Air Force Veteran, 2020 DNC Member Candidate

    My name is Christian Palacios. I was born and raised in the Bronx (New York City) to Dominican and Mexican parents. As a First-generation American, it was my highest honor to be the first to serve our country as an Airman for the United States Air Force. As a Veteran, it would be another honor to represent Democrats Abroad as a delegate during the Convention. I have lived and worked in Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, Korea, and now Colombia. In my current role, I'm a Network Engineer where I'm in the unique position of having to create and maintain working relationships with high-level government decision-makers to advance the success of my customer's program. It is with this experience that I believe I would be a valuable delegate to represent the Democrats Abroad 2020 Platform. In 2016 I was elected as a Democratic Precinct Captain in Palm Beach Country, Florida.

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    Alexis Edelstein - DNC Member

    I'm a naturalized US Citizen born in Argentina under an oppressive military dictatorship which led my family to immigrate to the USA in 1980. Because of this I truly appreciate the importance of a free and open Democracy I stand with Bernie because I'm appalled at where we are as the "worlds richest country". We don't have living wages, our income inequality is at third world levels, we don't have healthcare for all and our planet is dying right before our eyes. Like so many others I've had enough and believe we urgently need to make a drastic change! In 2016 I was a Bernie National Delegate from California and in 2018 I was elected as a Delegate for the California Democratic Party. I've lived in Argentina and Switzerland and believe I can represent the values and beliefs of DA.

    In Solidarity

    Alexis Edelstein

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    #Medicare4All #DAResists #HealthCareRefugee #DAresists #Medicare4all

    About 15 years ago while visiting the neurologist for migraines, an MRI scan (at a cost of $0) turned up 2 benign tumors. I had MRI scans annually for the next decade. About 3 years ago, the tumors were removed (at a cost of $0). I continue to have follow up MRIs. I see neuro ophthalmologists and neuro surgeons. No cost. I have had 2 D&Cs, 1 C section and 1 vaginal birth - all no cost. Medications are subsidized. Can’t go home to the US because of pre existing conditions and unable to get affordable insurance.

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Global Chair @DemsAbroad, representing the 9 million Americans living abroad.