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From DL—Apologies for the late announcement DLers, we will be doing DL this Tuesday, normal time, normal place! It has been a brief month packed with an incredible amount of objectionable things (mainly emanating from the White House) So much so, that it was reported a senior staffer said it was "a relief" that there was a school shooting, to take the microscope off of their various travails. Disgusting as the whole range of it, the gun debate has roared back into focus, and has had new momentum breathed into by the surviving kids themselves, heroes all. Let's talk about our gun problem, and our VOTING solution. See you there.

February 27, 2018 at 6pm - 10pm
Siste Sang
Grønlandsleiret 27
Oslo 0190
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Kathy L. Kelley aka Kelley ·