August 17, 2020

Endorsement of the Delegation supporting Medicare for All at the DNC

As Co-Chairs of Democrats Abroad Australia, we support and endorse the “No” vote on the Democratic National Platform that does not include Medicare for All.

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates and some Joe Biden delegates to the DNC have pledged to vote against the existing Platform as it does not include Medicare for All.

The majority of Democrats Abroad (DA) delegates to the Democratic National Convention have joined over 750 others from around the United States in a move to put Medicare for All squarely on the party’s agenda.

Key organiser and Chair of the Nevada delegation Judith Whitmer states: “This is not a divisive issue. The majority of the delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention and the majority of the American people, Democrats and Republicans, support a Medicare For All single-payer healthcare system. We are united in removing Trump from the White House. We are united in electing Vice President Joe Biden as our next president. It’s time for the Democratic Party, the party of the people, to unite around Medicare For All as the winning message in November.”

Democrats Abroad PLEO Delegate and International Treasurer Lissette Wright states: "Our Democratic Party Platform is our roadmap and it should be bold enough to improve the life of every single American! The lack of commitment to Medicare For All in our Party Platform is appalling and inhumane!"

We believe that healthcare is a fundamental human right. Medicare for All is the only way to ensure equitable and prosperous health outcomes while ensuring financial stability and costs savings into the future. 84% of Democrats are supportive of Medicare for All and 70% of Americans. It is time for Medicare for All.

Between the Chair and Vice Chair of Australia, we worked within a team to write the motion to endorse Medicare for All in Democrats Abroad and drafted and finalised the Healthcare plank in the Democrats Abroad 2020 Platform. An overview of the DA 2020 Platform and a link to the full document is here.

There will be no way forward without Medicare for All. The current pandemic has shown inherent and irreconcilable vulnerabilities of employer-based insurance. The time is overdue for Medicare for All.

This is how we win in November. By getting rid of Trump and removing the conditions which created and create Trumpism. There are many more reforms to go within the Party. This is a good start.

#VoteBlue2020 #MedicareForAll


In Unity,

Kent Getsinger & Layne Mostyn
Chair & Vice-Chair of Democrats Abroad Australia