Kigali Ballot Assistance Event - March 4

Democrats Abroad has a global primary from March 3rd (Super Tuesday) to March 10, and has 21 delegates. Democrats Abroad allows same day registration for voters participating in the Global Presidential Primary - which we can do at this event on March 4, as well as submit your ballot to be counted!

Others who have already voted (or are voting later in March or April) and just want to come to discuss some politics are also very welcome :)

Primary Voters must meet the following criteria to vote via Democrats Abroad:
> Reside abroad and be a U.S. Citizen
> Be a member of Democrats Abroad
> Be 18 as of November 3, 2020
> Not have voted, or plan to vote, in any other 2020 state presidential primary (you could have voted in down-ballot races within your state)

Ballot assistance events are not official polling stations, but are opportunities to pick up your remote ballot and get help sending it in.
NOTE: This is a primary for the Democratic Presidential Nominee only. To vote in local down ballot primary races, you can request a ballot from your state at If you do, leave the choice of presidential nominee blank. Don’t vote twice! After voting in the Global Presidential Primary, you can then vote in other state and local races.
March 04, 2020 at 6pm - 8pm Helsinki Time
Nafasi by Teri Clar
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