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    DA China 2021 Annual General Meeting

    This is a placeholder for information about our upcoming Annual General Meeting.

    What do you do in an AGM?

    • Report on the past year to your membership, and discuss plans for the next.
    • Discuss and vote on changes to your bylaws (if there are any proposed changes). 
    • In odd numbered years, hold elections for your country committee. (Review the CC Election Procedures for best practices for elections.)
    • If required by your bylaws or mandated by your Executive Committee, hold special elections to fill vacancies or confirm appointments.


    Find out more on the DA Wiki.

    May 23, 2021 at 1pm
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    NJ -- Voting Rights for Overseas Voters

    Thanks for taking action! And there's more you can do!

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    If you'd like to hear about more actions that you can take to advocate for voting rights for New Jerseyens abroad, please add your name and email address and we'll be in touch. (You'll be sent to the previous page when done.)

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