Announcing the 2019 Candidates for DA South Korea Leadership

Get ready, the Democrats Abroad South Korea 2019 election is coming!

The DAROK Executive Committee is comprised of one Chairperson, one Vice-Chairperson, one Secretary, one Treasurer, and one Counsel.  One DPCA Voting Representative is also on the ballot.  Two appointed Members-At-Large round out the DAROK leadership team.  Following a call for nominations emailed to all DAROK members who have agreed to receive email messages from us, some of your fellow DAROK members have put their hands up to run for these positions.  Click on the names below to read their candidate statements.

Chairperson candidate: Erin Watson

Vice-Chairperson candidates: David Wagner, Cory Lemke

Secretary candidate: Joann Short

Treasurer candidate: (vacant)

Counsel candidate: (vacant)

DPCA Voting Representative candidate: Victoria Cagle

The DAROK elections will be held during our upcoming General Meeting on Saturday 30 November.  You may participate and vote in person in Seoul, online via WebEx, or by proxy by completing a proxy form.

We will take nominations from the floor of the General Meeting for all positions.  Please consider volunteering for a leadership position to help all Democrats living in South Korea as we head into 2020.  We can't do what we do without YOU!

Thank you for your support of Democrats Abroad South Korea!