September 19, 2021

Time for Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio CD 11/15, and Florida CD 20 voters to start returning ballots

IMPORTANT VOTING INFORMATION for Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio CD 11/15, and Florida CD 20 voters: By now, you should have requested your ballot for your election on November 2, 2021. If you haven't requested your ballot, go to and click START to fill out the FPCA form - for most people it just takes a few minutes.
If you have already returned your FPCA form, your ballot should be in your email inbox this weekend. If you don't see it, contact your local election office next week and ask them to email you a blank ballot. Note that mail service from the US is experiencing new disruptions due to recent COVID-19 outbreaks in Australia, so it's best to request your blank ballot via email and not wait for your state to mail a hard copy.
Next, check your state voting guide to see what method of ballot return your state allows (postal mail-only, fax, or email) and send your completed ballot as soon as possible. Remember that mail and voting issues are still a concern, so it's best to vote electronically if you can. Don't wait to vote, in case you have to correct an error or supply extra information to your state, and remember to check back and confirm your ballot was counted.
If you need help, use the support chat at or email the Democrats Abroad Australia team at [email protected]