Legislative Pulse: Using Billtrack50 to Follow Legislation

On Sunday the 11th of April Karen Suhaka of the DAUK West Midlands Regional Group will share how to take action on the political issues you care about most.

Join us to hear directly from Karen, founder and catalyst of Billtrack50, who’s worked on American legislative state and federal data management for many years.  She has been most generous in giving DA a free subscription to billtrack50.com to research our key policy areas and develop plans to reach legislators and make policy become a reality. 

Karen will walk through the basic steps as a bill goes through to become law, talk about how bills are numbered to help you figure who to call, when states are in session so you know when you can call, provide resources to look up who your representatives and their staff are, and help you figure out what’s the best action to take. 

This event is sponsored by the  Hispanic, Asian American & Pacific Islander, Global Black, LGBTQ+, ProDA, Veterans & Military Families Caucuses, the Taxation Task Force, and the Texans Abroad Squad. All members of DA are invited to join our caucuses, taskforces, and teams and attend our events.

Global Hispanic Caucus <[email protected]>
Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus [email protected]
Global Black Caucus [email protected]
Global LGBT Caucus <[email protected]>
Progressive Caucus <[email protected]>
Veterans & Military Families Caucus [email protected]

Taxation Taskforce <[email protected]>
Texans Abroad Squad <[email protected]

April 11, 2021 at 3:30am - 4:30am Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Amerika Garcia Grewal, Emily Lines, Angela Fobbs, Martha McDevitt Pugh, Erin Watson, Carmelan Polce, Jennifer von Estorff ·
Cory Lemke Emily Froemel Terese Sarno Michelle Paul Antar Keith Martha McDevitt Pugh Elizabeth Herold Dan Smith Elsa Araya-Kuhn Teresa Ritterhoff Gil Carbajal Sruthi Venkatraman Jennifer Von Estorff Lara Herring Andreas Kohler Laura Mosedale Jim Mercereau Annie Graul Karen Suhaka Kathryn Solon Patricia White Katrin Gilbert Onelica Andrade Matthew Goldman Elizabeth Lunik Stephanie Ryde Holly Boren Rebekah Cramerus Sue Alksnis Michael Ramos Stephanie Murphy Christina Skovsgaard Susan Fitoussi Bob Gould Brooke Burns Carol Moore Candice Kerestan James Lockett

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