Lock in the progress that we've made

When I was in elementary school I played teeball and baseball on the boy's teams because my town didn't field teams for girls. When I went to college there were buildings with men's bathrooms and women's bathrooms on alternating floors because when some buildings were first built they'd only included bathrooms for men in the floorplans. My first job after graduation, even though I negotiated for higher pay, new male hires made more than I did, a fact easily checked because state institutions had public budgets. When access to facilities or pay or athletics is challenged, there's pushback. Often the burden is placed on the woman to prove that she has been disadvantaged. Thankfully while some of these discrepancies have been addressed over the years, they're too easily reversed, women can lose ground far faster than we were able to gain these rights. It's time to lock in the progress that we've made by adding the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. From Fiji, Texas Voter Amerika Garcia Grewal