February 10, 2023

Responsibilities of the DAF National Officers  

Interested in running for a position? Read below for more information on the roles and responsibilities of the DAF Executive Committee. Questions? Email the DAF National Election Board at [email protected]

Executive Committee  

Responsibilities of the Officers  


The National Chair  

The National Chair, (or “Chair”), shall be the chief executive officer of Democrats  Abroad France, shall call and preside at all meetings of members and of the Executive  Committee, establish the agenda of such meetings, and shall be responsible for  carrying out the programs, policies, and activities duly approved by the members and  the Executive Committee. The National Chair is also the primary Officer representing  Democrats Abroad France in Democrats Abroad and shall attend Democrats Abroad Global and Regional meetings to the extent practicable.  

The National Chair and National First Vice-Chair with the advice of the other Officers  may allocate between themselves the duties of the Chair.  

The National Chair, or any Officer delegated by the National Chair to do so, shall be  entitled to sit on all Standing and Ad Hoc Committees, with full voting privileges.  Decisions or actions taken by the Chair may be overruled by a two-thirds (2/3)  majority of the Executive Committee. The Chair is ex-officio a voting member of the  global organization of Democrats Abroad (the DPCA), and shall attend global and  regional meetings and participate in matters pertaining to the DPCA to the extent  practicable. 

National Vice-Chairs  

The National First Vice-Chair, (or “First Vice Chair”), shall assist and support the  National Chair in the execution of the Chair’s duties, and shall, in the absence of the  Chair call and preside at meetings of members and of the Executive Committee. The  First Vice-Chair is ex-officio a voting member of Democrats Abroad(the DPCA), and  shall attend global and regional meetings and participate in matters pertaining to the  DPCA to the extent practicable. In addition to the shared responsibilities of the  National Chair allocated to the First Vice-Chair as provided in Section 4.3.1, if the  office of Chair shall become vacant the First Vice-Chair shall assume the  responsibilities of the Chair, and the National Second Vice Chair shall assume the  responsibilities of the First Vice-Chair.  

The National Second Vice-Chair, Chapter Liaison (or “Second Vice Chair”), shall  assist and support the efforts of the National Chair and other National Officers by liaising with the Chapter Chairs and their Leadership teams to communicate activities  and policies relevant to the Chapters, and to identify needs and to build local capacity,  and to support implementation of the policies of the National Chair and National  Executive Committee to the extent practicable.. The National Second Vice-Chair shall  upon election in accordance with Article IX be an ex-officio voting member of the  global organization of Democrats Abroad (the DPCA), and shall, along with the  National Chair and National First Vice-Chair, attend global and regional meetings and  participate in matters pertaining to the DPCA to the extent practical.  

The Second Vice Chair shall provide regular updates to Chapter Chairs and their  Leadership teams on the activities of the Executive Committee, and Global and  Regional Leadership of Democrats Abroad of interest to the Chapters, and shall also  be responsible for providing regular updates regarding Chapter issues that are of  interest to the ExCom 

If the office of the National Chair shall become vacant, the National First Vice-Chair  shall assume the duties of the Chair and the National Second Vice-Chair shall then act  as the First Vice-Chair. The Executive Committee shall appoint a replacement officer  to carry out the duties of the Second Vice-Chair (including as a Voting Representative)  

provided that such person shall be a duly elected and voting Officer-member of the  Executive Committee. The Secretary will notify the Secretary of Democrats Abroad promptly upon the appointment of a replacement Second Vice-Chair (Chapter Liaison)  and Voting Representative.  


National Secretary  

The National Secretary, (or “Secretary”), shall take and archive minutes of Executive  Committee meetings and all Annual General and Special Meetings of the members,  and as needed, report to the Democrats Abroad France ExCom, to relevant Global and  Regional officers of Democrats Abroad, and to the general membership of Democrats  Abroad France. The Secretary along with the Chair and Counsel shall ensure the  organization is in compliance with French laws and regulations. The National 


The Secretary shall support the administration of the membership database of Democrats  Abroad France in collaboration with the database/IT Officer, and other Officers or  volunteers so tasked by the Chair. The Secretary shall maintain and safeguard all files  and administrative records of Democrats Abroad France. The minutes of all meetings  shall be made available to all Democrats Abroad France members without undue  delay as practicable. The Secretary shall help ensure public notification and  documentation of the results of national and Chapter and Subchapter and Caucus  elections, and of the admission or change in status of any Chapter, Subchapter or  Caucus. Additionally, the Secretary shall be responsible for reporting changes in  leadership, AGM meeting minutes, and any revised Bylaws to Global and Regional  Officers as required by the Democrats Abroad Charter.  


National Treasurer  

The National Treasurer, (or “Treasurer”), shall manage the finances of the  organization, prepare a budget and cash flow forecast as required by the Chair for  approval by the Executive Committee, request and receive financial periodic reports  from the Chapters, maintain its financial reports to members, make and maintain such  financial reports as may be required by law, and have joint signature authority with  the Chair on all Democrats Abroad France bank accounts. All such records shall be  available for review by the Executive Committee and by the International Treasurer of  Democrats Abroad. The Treasurer shall consult with the International Treasurer of  Democrats Abroad from time to time on matters concerning the maintenance of  financial records and financial reporting (notably to the United States Federal Election  Commission).  

The Treasurer shall be available to consult with Chapter, Subchapter and Caucus  Chairs regarding fund-raising activities for projects and activities and access to  potential donors.  


National Counsel  

The National Counsel, (or “Counsel”), shall be available for consultation by the  Executive Committee and the Chapters on legal and procedural questions relating to  Democrats Abroad France and its activities. The Counsel may consult with the  International Counsel from time to time on relevant matters, including notably  questions on voting issues and financial record keeping and compliance with the rules  of the United States Federal Elections Commission (and any successor thereto) by  Democrats Abroad France and its activities. The Counsel with the Chair and Secretary shall ensure the organization is in compliance with French laws and regulations.  


National Membership Database/IT Officer 

The National Membership Database/IT Officer, (or “Database/IT Officer”), will be  responsible for maintaining the membership Database, and for leading the operation  and integrity of the national organization’s and each Chapter’s website, and other  technology platforms in use by the National team . The Database/IT Officer will be familiar with and act as an administrator for the platform system or systems used by  Democrats Abroad to maintain its membership and to support membership  verification. The Database/IT Officer will help develop and advise the Executive  Committee on technological tools, and on information privacy and security. 

The Database/IT Officer may be appointed by the Executive Committee rather than  elected, and if so appointed will be a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.  


National GOTV Officer 

The National GOTV Officer, (or “GOTV Officer”), will be responsible for designing  and supervising the execution of the organization’s national voter registration and  GOTV strategy on multiple platforms including “on the ground” efforts and via social  media. As such, this officer will liaise with both the Global GOTV committee and  with the persons responsible for GOTV activities in each Chapter and Subchapter.  The GOTV Officer will be familiar with the relevant federal and state laws and  regulations concerning absentee voting and voting from abroad (including the United  States Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) and be available to  consult with members concerning voter registration requirements and deadlines in  each State.


National Communications Officer  

The National Communications Officer, (or “Communications Officer”), will be  responsible for designing, implementing, and coordinating the communications  activities of the organization, including direct contact with members and interested  persons via the international, national and local websites, use of social media, , French  and English press communications, and a regular newsletter to members. The  Communications Officer will collaborate with Officers and other members having  appropriate skills and experience to assist in the implementation of a coordinated  Communications strategy both on a national and Chapter level. The Communications  Officer will report to the Chair monthly on activities undertaken and planned.  


National Issues, Programs and Events Officer  

The National Issues, Programs and Events Officer, (or “Events Officer”), will support  the design and coordination of National events, including global and national town  halls, debates and speaker events, to educate and advance discussion on contemporary  U.S. political issues. The Events Officer may assist Chapters and Caucuses in  planning and organizing local events such as lunches, dinners, wine-tastings, holiday  gatherings, venues for significant speakers, etc. for membership development and  fundraising, and shall help promote these events on the website and social media in  collaboration with the Communications Officer. The Events Officer shall notify the  Executive Committee of the result of any activities undertaken. 

National Membership Outreach/Volunteer Officer  

The National Membership Outreach/Volunteer Officer, (or “Member Outreach  Officer”), shall support the design and implementation of the strategy for developing  the Chapters, Subchapters and general member base, and caucuses and to recruit and  organize volunteers to be involved in projects identified by the Executive Committee.



Voting Representatives (9 to be elected)

Voting Representatives participate on the part of Democrats Abroad France in certain  conventions, meetings and candidate and policy selection of the Democrats Abroad Global organization/Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA). The right to vote in matters of the DPCA is allocated to the National Chair, the National First Vice-Chair, and Voting Representatives, upon their election by the members of Democrats Abroad France at the Annual General Meeting. 

The number of votes allocated to Democrats  Abroad France is based upon a calculation made by the Executive Committee of  Democrats Abroad. The National Chair shall have one vote, the National First  Vice-Chair shall have one vote, and each Voting Representative shall have one vote. The National Chair and National First Vice-Chair and all Voting Representatives shall  be present in person, by teleconference, or by proxy at all meetings of Democrats  Abroad at which they are eligible to cast votes.  


Term of Office  

National Officers of the Executive Committee shall be elected every two years in odd numbered years at the Annual General Meeting. They shall be elected for a term  expiring upon the election of their successor. No National Officer may serve more  than two consecutive terms in the same position, nor may any person serve more than  12 years in the same position over a lifetime. An incumbent may be nominated and  elected for a third consecutive term for the same office in the event that no other  member agrees to be a candidate.  

Expiration of Term  

The terms of all elected National Officers of the Executive Committee shall  automatically expire upon the election of new National Officers in accordance with  the foregoing paragraph. The terms of any appointed Committee Officers shall expire  upon expiration of the term or replacement of the appointing Officer.  


In case of vacancy, whether due to resignation, death, or disability of any Officer, the  vacancy shall be filled at the next quorate meeting of the Executive Committee by a  majority of the members present and voting.  

Upon removal of any Officer, a replacement shall be designated at the same time as  such removal by the Executive Committee.  

In the case of a vacancy in the office of the Second Vice-Chair (Chapter Liaison) and  Voting Representative, the Executive Committee shall appoint as a replacement a  duly elected Officer-member of the Executive Committee. The Secretary will notify  the International Secretary of Democrats Abroad promptly upon the replacement of  the Second Vice-Chair (Chapter Liaison) and Voting Representative.