Make a Video


The Global Covid-19 Task Force would now like your help in DA’s advocacy to encourage the U.S. government to provide FDA-authorized vaccines for ALL Americans, including those living overseas. If you live in a country where access to vaccines is not currently possible or where access is not being provided on an equal basis with local citizens, please take a few minutes to record a video on your phone using the script and following the instructions below. The short script highlights the rationale that DA has expressed in letters to the White House and the State Department, and which has been mirrored in a bipartisan letter sent by 26 U.S. Senators to Secretary of State Blinken.

The Task Force intends to edit your clips into a 30-second video that we hope will be shared widely on social media and get attention in the press. Your sending the video will constitute your release and consent to use all or any portion of the video, including your likeness, in all media in perpetuity.

Thanks very much for your support of this important initiative.


  1. Wear a solid color shirt in front of a solid color background.
  2. Read the script below aloud 3 or 4 times through first, before recording.
  3. Speak clearly. Be genuine. That’s what we need from you.
  4. Hit record. If recording on your phone, make sure it’s in a vertical (portrait) orientation.
  5. When you are finished speaking, leave about 10 seconds of silence, just looking at the camera, before you stop recording (this will help the editors create the final video).
  6. Email us your video at [email protected] 

NOTE: If you’re using Gmail and it tells you that the file is too big to attach, you might be prompted to save it to your Google Drive and send a link instead. If so, go ahead and do that.

If you are using another email program and the file is too big to attach, email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you a link you can use to upload it.

Want to see an example video first? You can find one here.


  • I'm an American living in [country]
    President Biden promised to vaccinate all Americans.
  • But where I live, I can't get vaccinated – Covid-19 is rampant – it's not safe.
  • I vote. I pay taxes.
  • IF APPLICABLE: (I served my country. I am a US Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine veteran.)
  • You don’t want me to travel home and bring a dangerous Covid-19 variant with me.
  • It's safer for everyone if I get an FDA-approved vaccine from the US government, right here where I live.
  • Thank you! Please help keep a fellow American safe by sharing this video and joining me in calling and writing to your senators and representatives about this issue.