Wednesday, March 13

Paris, France

“Kitchen Table” Meeting in Paris to Discuss the Democrats Abroad 2024 Platform. Bring Your Ideas!

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Help Democrats Abroad build the 2024 Platform by joining us for a Kitchen Table Talk!

This year's elections in the US aren’t just about electing a Democratic President, winning back the House, and keeping the Senate. It’s also a time when the Democratic Party discusses its policies and refines its platform. Democrats Abroad is getting a head start on the platform process by asking members to share their ideas on platform topics.

We’ll hold two sessions, on Monday, March 11 from 5 to 7 pm, and on Wednesday, March 13 from 7 to 9 pm, both at the Frog Revolution in Paris. 

Join us at the Frog Revolution in Paris to discuss issues that matter to you as a U.S. citizen, and one who lives abroad. This is your chance to let Democrats Abroad know what you think about these issues while helping to shape the 2024 Democrats Abroad Platform.

The meeting will be hosted by Jim Cohen, Member of the DA Platform Committee, and Dani Follett, Chair of DA France.

In one meeting it will be impossible, of course, to discuss the whole range of issues that make up a platform, but we will concentrate on a few broad areas of policy, taking into account the preferences of all those present. The answers you bring to key questions of policy and values will be recorded and synthesized in a report to be shared with the Democrats Abroad Platform Committee.

People attending are invited to look at the Democrats Abroad 2020 Platform, keeping in mind that it needs to be updated and adapted to a different situation from that of four years ago. The 2020 Platform was drafted in the last year of the single term of Donald Trump.

As a way of shaping the conversation, Democrats Abroad has provided us with some documentation on a number of topics. Participants may find this material useful in the areas of policy that interest you most. What counts most, however, are the ideas that each of you brings to the platform process. If you plan to attend, please indicate your areas of policy interest by filling in this form, which will help us organize the discussion.


Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 07:00 PM Paris Time


Frog Revolution
9 rue de la Bastille
upstairs backroom
Paris 75004
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Max Dunitz

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