December 14, 2020

Biden-Harris 2020 Election Victory Celebration

On Saturday December 12, 2020, Democrats Abroad Guatemala convened an online Zoom gathering to celebrate the Biden-Harris 2020 election victory. Most of the program centered on the activities and emotions related to the victory itself and how it was achieved as a team effort among Democrats, both domestically and overseas. We also spent time discussing the challenge to democracy the Trump administration presented over the past four years and during the current transition, and for anti-democratic tendencies going forward. Vincent D’Agati presented a summary of Democracy to Dictatorship written by James Wiggins. A fuller explanation of that material is available in the first two links below. Also, we spent some time sharing thoughts and perceptions on the trials and tribulations of the year 2020. For that segment, Rachael Shenyo read a poem, which is also available in the third link below.