March 10, 2023

Meet the Candidates and Vote!

The Non-Country Committee Nominations and Elections Committee (Non-CC NEC) is pleased to announce the candidates from each of our three Regions for their respective position of Non-Country Committee DPCA Voting Representative, or Non-CC DPCA Voting Representative. (Note that DPCA is the formal name of Democrats Abroad, "Democratic Party Committee Abroad.) One candidate will be elected from each Region: Americas, Europe-Middle East-and Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific. A complete list of DA's Non-Country Committee countries by Region is included on your Regions Candidate Information Page on the DA website, accessed by clicking on the button link below:



Join our Candidate Forum!

For those who would like to get to know their candidates better

Interact with candidates within our Candidate Forum group:

The Candidate Forum is an Open Google Group where Candidates can present their statements and any additional information about their candidacy, and for Non-CC voters to ask questions and become more familiar with the candidates. Although anyone is invited to view the discussion, only eligible Non-CC voters can be added to the Forum to post questions by selectinng the "Ask to join Group" button at the top of the page. (If you do not see the button, send an email request to: [email protected]


VOTE in your Region's Election!

Deadline to vote is March 22, midnight members' time

Ranked Choice Voting has now commenced and you can vote through the deadline of March 22nd, midnight members' time by filling in the electronic ballot for your Region below. If you do not have the means to submit an electronic ballot, you may complete a paper ballot provided here: PDF link?  and submit to: [email protected] 

To vote, you must have been a verified member of DA by March 9, midnight members’ time, and reside in a Non-CC country within your designated Region. 

 To access your ballot and vote:

You will need to enter your name as listed with DA and your DA member ID number, which are included in the official email announcement sent to all eligible voters on March 10 with the subject: Meet you Voting Rep Candidates and Vote! Alternately, you can log in to and find your DA member name and ID number there. We will also be sending Reminder emails between now and March 22nd with the information you will need. 

Once you have your DA name and member ID number, follow the instructions to access and vote your ballot (here or, easier, using the ballot provided directly in your email). Note that you will not be able to access the ballots below without your voter information.





Regional Election Reporting Meetings - March 25th

We look forward to announcing election results and congratulating our new DPCA Non-CC Voting Representatives within our Regional Election Reporting Meetings on May 25! Regional Vice-Chairs will be there to welcome their new Regional DPCA Voting Reps and address their Non-CC members. Attend during your Region's time - and feel free to attend the other Region's Meetings as well. The same WebEx link will be used for all the Regional Election Meetings.)

WebEx log in:

Meeting Password: nonccelect

Log in during your Region's time (below):

Saturday, March 25th:

Asia Pacific: 6:00am EDT/ 11:00 CET/ 18:00 HK

EMEA: 8:00am EDT/ 13:00 CET

Americas 10:00am EDT/ 15:00 CET 


We look forward to the participation of all our NonCC members in the Elections and to meeting everyone at our Regional Election Meetings!

The role of Non-CC Voting Representative is an exciting development for the growth of Democrats Abroad and the enfranchisement of DA members who currently do not have representation within the DPCA body. We look forward to your participation in the Candidate Forum and in the Regional elections for this position. We especially look forward to introducing you to your new Regional Non-CC Voting Reps within your Region's Election Meeting on Saturday March 25! 

For questions on any part of the candidate or voting process, the Non-CC Nominations and Election Committee can be reached at: [email protected]    


Merrill Oates (Hungary)

Chair, Non-CC Nominations and Elections Committee

[email protected]

NCC-NEC members:

Beverle Lax (Kenya), Compliance

Jennifer Phillips (Canada), Candidate Coordinator

John Eastwood (Taiwan), Ballot Tabulations

Roz Reymers (Ecuador), Communications

Ty Cofield (Poland), Elections Platform