GA Senate Election Voter Assistance

GA voters who need a little help getting their ballots in- drop by for some coffee and help! We have envelopes, computers, tape, USPS lables, glue and know how. Please bring a passport if you intend to drop it off at the embassy after and if possible print out your materials and bring them with you. We have blank FWABs if needed.

Both US Senate races in Georgia are going to a run-off election on January 5th, 2021. Ballots will not be available until Nov 21, GA has said they would send out ballot even if the recount isn't finished.
The two races are:

US Senate: Jon Ossoff (Democrat) versus David Perdue (Republican)

US Senate Special: Raphael Warnock (Democrat) versus Kelly Loeffler (Republican)

🗳️ If you didn't vote in the November election, you can still vote in the run-off. Go to and request an absentee ballot or register to vote. Ask for your ballot to be sent to you by email. If you will be 18 years old by Jan 5, you can also vote.

🏴 If you voted in November, check your absentee ballot status:

✍️ Fill out and mail back a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot, FWAB at Ballot return to Georgia is by postal mail only, so hurry. Because of the mail disruptions from COVID and Christmas, voters should mail back their ballots ASAP. Regular mail may work in November, but by Dec it'll be too late and you should definitely use a courier. Because the FWAB isn't set up for 2 Senate races, check out this example on how to fill it out:

November 30, 2020 at 10am - 1pm Bangkok Time
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