Missouri Special Elections for State Senate District 8 and State House District 23

Let’s elect more Democrats to the Missouri State Legislature!

On November 7th, Missouri will vote for new representatives in State Senate District 8 and State House District 23 (both cover Jackson County).

All overseas voters can vote in Missouri State Elections -- and your vote can be the difference! Turnout for Special Elections tend to be very low and just a few votes -- such as yours -- can be key. Let's send Democrats Hillary Shields and Barbara Anne Washington to the Missouri Legislature!

It's simple to vote! To request your ballot, just go to www.votefromabroad.org and fill out the form. Then print it, sign it and send it to Missouri. Send it in by EMAIL, FAX or MAIL -- it must get to Missouri by November 1. Or, you may be eligible to use Missouri's online system to request your ballot: www.momilitaryvote.com

When you get your ballot, MAIL it back right away. It must be POSTMARKED by November 7 AND also get to Missouri by November 10 at 12noon (Missouri time).

If you have any concerns you won't get your ballot in time, VOTE using the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (or FWAB). Then MAIL it back RIGHT AWAY. For more information, go to www.democratsabroad.org/fwab_mail. And be sure to submit your ballot request form by the November 1 deadline!