Monthly Tiny Actions, July 2017

The People’s Filibuster on Trumpcare began last week -- have you been a part of it? Senators spontaneously gathered on the Capitol steps for a sit-in, sharing stories of how the Republicans’ proposed Senate legislation -- written behind closed doors and vowed to be forced down America’s throat as soon as McConnell has enough votes -- will harm tens of millions of Americans, threatening countless lives to provide yet another tax break for the wealthy. Only 17% of Americans support the Senate bill, and our resistance over the past two weeks has shown results in slowing its progress. But the only way to #killthebill dead is to continue our resistance throughout the summer. There’s more to do this month than sweat in front of the fan! Here a few suggestions:


If you've got FIVE MINUTES:

  • Call your Senators to urge them to oppose Trumpcare. In addition to DA’s phone scripts, you can find call scripts updated daily from Indivisible here. Indivisible has gathered information on Trumpcare’s impact by state that you may find helpful in speaking to your Senators. Remember, Americans abroad have a unique perspective on healthcare, since many of us have experienced universal coverage in our countries of residence. Please call and share your stories with your Senators! One tip for reluctant or first-time callers: dial up outside of office hours and leave your scripted message on the office’s voicemail.

  • Help us out with our upcoming social media campaigns -- take a photo (or six) with our Resistance Summer issue posters (download here) and send them by email to [email protected].

  • DA’s newest caucus welcomes new members: join the Hispanic Caucus today!


If you've got TEN MINUTES:

  • Recruit three friends or family members to contact their Senators about Trumpcare. On social media, share our Facebook post with links to our calling and emailing scripts and tag your three friends directly. If you’re not a Facebook user, challenge them by forwarding this email with a short, personal note.

  • Show up ten minutes early to your chapter’s July 4th event (or another event scheduled this month; drill down to your country’s events here) and write and send a Resistance Summer postcard or three to Congress on healthcare, taxation, LGBT rights, climate change, or another issue of your choosing. Bring a pen and a stamp and we’ll provide the rest!


If you've got THIRTY MINUTES:

  • Send an email (not a letter) with a personal story about how Trumpcare affects you to both your Senators. Will these policies make you a “healthcare refugee” (i.e., negatively impact your ability to move back to the US in the future)? Do you have aging parents or family who rely on Medicaid for, for example, nursing home care? Your story is important! We have a sample email and writing tips on our Contact Congress page.


If you've got A COUPLE HOURS:

  • Your experience with universal healthcare coverage will be a welcome addition to your hometown newspaper’s opinion page. Organize a Letter to the Editor party around the theme “Americans deserve better” and work together to craft letters sharing the benefits of “socialized medicine” in your country of residence. If you’ve never planned a postal party before, we’ve got some basic tips for you here.

  • Pride events are continuing throughout the summer across the globe; join your country committee in a local parade or event. Not sure what to put on your march sign? We’ve got you covered!


We thank you in advance for your time and for reaching out to those around you to amplify your own efforts. As always, forward this message to anyone you think may like to join us.

And if you’re too busy this month to help out, perhaps you’d consider sending a donation our way to cover the stamp on another member’s postcard to Congress? Every little bit helps.