Philippines Secretary and Communications Manager

The son of a career Army officer, Morrie was born in Walter Reed Army Hospital, in Washington, D.C. His formative years were spent in Tokyo, Bangkok, Panama, Monterey, San Francisco and others. After attending the American School in Manila, he got a job as a radio disk jockey and left home to work his way through college at the University of the Philippines. After graduation he returned to the states and worked as an advertising copywriter for over 40 years, winning dozens of awards. Retiring from teaching Creative Strategy at Howard University after 6 years, Morrie returned to the Philippines where he writes novels and goes on long walks.

Progressive social reformist for: Glass-Steagall Act (GSA), Obama Care, Medicare, good consumer protection, bolstering the middle class, and social security; against: no morals, no integrity, no veracity, and no law