New Jersey Voting Rights Rally

Calling all New Jerseyans and voting rights allies!

The November 2 state election in New Jersey will set the tone heading into 2022, and Democrats need to show up! New Jersey voters abroad who intend to return to New Jersey at some point should request their ballot today at and return it ASAP!

Unfortunately, some states like New Jersey deny state and local voting rights to those who indicate that their "return is uncertain" on their ballot request. Life is full of uncertainty — overseas voters should not be punished because of it. We deserve a voice on all levels of government, especially at the state level! So, Democrats Abroad has set out to expand and protect voting rights one state at a time, starting with New Jersey. In 2017, under then Republican Governor Chris Christie, voting rights were stripped away from "return uncertain" overseas New Jersey voters.

The good news? Assemblywoman Joann Downey (NJ District 11), Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (NJ District 33), and State Senator Vin Gopal (NJ District 11) have introduced a bill, NJ A5306/S3761, to change the law back and enfranchise all overseas voters once again.

We have had tremendous progress -- the bill passed the NJ Assembly! Now we need your help to pass S3761 in the NJ Senate and elect officials to protect overseas voting rights, so such an injustice never happens again. 

We urge you to join us on 

October 12, 2021 


8:30am EDT / 2:30pm CET / 9:30pm JST

for a 

New Jersey Voting Rights Rally

At the rally, you'll be able to:

  • Meet the legislators sponsoring A5306/S3761
  • Learn how you can help bring A5306/S3761 across the finish line
  • Participate in a virtual group door knock as we call state senators' offices and ask them to Cosponsor S3761
  • Getting voting assistance for the November 2 election

Here's a link to more information about A5306/S3761To support Democrats Abroad's important work to restore NJ voting rights, please DONATE HERE.

State voting rights are extremely important. State government is responsible for legislation determining your voter eligibility and voting procedures — as well as many other pressing policy areas like education, environmental protection, healthcare, net neutrality, gerrymandering, and many other issues. Please join us as we work towards making sure that all New Jerseyans — including those overseas — have a democratic voice in their state government's decisions!

October 12, 2021 at 8:30am - 10am Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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