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You can easily add pictures, videos, documents and rich media to any post.

On a new line, click the orange plus sign to the left. Click the camera button to upload a photo or the media button to embed content from another site.


You can embed rich media from many sources. Just paste the URL of the page you'd like to embed. Here are some popular ones
  • Pictures: Paste a url fromFlickr, Picassa, Imgur, Instagram (and others) on its own line
  • Video: Paste a url from a YouTube, Vimeo or UStream video on its own line.
  • Word Docs/pdfs: Upload your document to Scribd then paste the link to the document on its own line.
  • Presentations: Create a presentation in Prezi, Storify or upload a presentation to Slideshare and paste the link on its own line.
  • Social Media PostsPaste the URL to a tweet or public facebook page post to embed it.

For a complete list of content providers that you can embed, click here