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OH Abroad: Help East Palestine!




We are deeply concerned about the people of East Palestine, Ohio, as well as the immediate and long-term ramifications of the Norfolk Southern train derailment, which happened on Feb. 3rd. Roughly 50 cars carrying toxic chemicals such as vinyl chloride derailed and turned into a massive fire leading to 5,000 residents being ordered to evacuate. After a “controlled release” of more chemicals, residents were told they could go back to their homes, but many still feel (and rightfully so!) that it is unsafe. “We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open,” said Sil Caggiano, a hazardous materials specialist. Residents have reported thousands of dead fish and chickens, some found miles outside of town. According to the CDC, long-term exposure to contaminated air or water from vinyl chloride can cause an increased risk of liver, brain, and lung cancers, lymphoma, and leukemia. Other dangerous chemicals are still being discovered in the wreckage.

In 2018, the Trump administration, backed by rail lobbyists and Senate Republicans — rolled back part of that rule aimed at making better braking systems widespread on the nation’s rails. A move that many are saying directly contributed to not only the derailment in Ohio but in other parts of the country. He must be worried, too, since he hasn’t said a word about what happened but is planning a trip to East Palestine next week. Wall Street says Norfolk Southern profits won’t suffer from the derailment, and Railroad Workers United is saying this is nothing new. Railroad industry execs have driven the bottom line into the ground for a hundred years.

But, as Mr. Roger’s mom used to say, “Look for the helpers.” The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) has called on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to reinstate railway safety regulations from the Obama administration.

Senator Sherrod Brown has already visited East Palestine and sent letters to the Environmental Protection Agency, National Transportation Safety Board, and Centers for Disease Control calling for action.

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2022 Ohio Voter Guide

Request your ballot NOW! The midterm elections are coming on November 8. Your vote is crucial to helping Democrats get elected and moving our state and country forward!

Ohio can turn the tides this year if you turn out to vote! Ohio has a US Senate and a Governor’s race where candidates are within points of each other in the polls. It could go either way! We have three strong female candidates running for the Ohio Supreme Court and a chance at having incredible Democratic candidates all the way down the ballot elected into office. This election will change Ohio’s future on gerrymandering, women’s healthcare rights, climate change, education, and so many other issues that affect us no matter where we are in the world. 

Keep reading below for:

  • Detailed instructions on how to request, return, and track your ballot
  • Detailed instructions on when to use a Backup Ballot
  • How to help us reach more Ohioans abroad
  • How to get help with voting
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Ohioans Abroad - We Can Win the Midterms! Seriously!



Here are some pretty cool things about voting and Democratic candidates in Ohio that you might not be aware of. 

1️⃣ Even though we live abroad, we still get a full Ohio ballot and can vote for all Democrats down the ballot! 

  • We know from previous experience that person-to-person contact is the best way to get voters to request and vote their ballots! August 17th kicks off our next call campaign! Sign up to help us call other Democrats living abroad to make sure they don’t miss their chance to vote this November! 

Right now, only a third of our members have requested an absentee ballot. We can really make a big difference back home if we all turn out. 🎉 

2️⃣ We have TWO women on the ticket for governor and lieutenant governor, former Dayton Mayor, Nan Whaley and Cuyahoga County Council member Cheryl Stephens!

3️⃣ THREE women are running for the Ohio Supreme Court! 

  • Check out the video from our Election Integrity event with all three of them. 

4️⃣ Did you know two TEENAGERS are running as Democrats for our state house?!

Sam Lawrence - Ohio House of Representatives District 47

Rhyan Goodman - Ohio House of Representatives District 94

5️⃣ Our State Auditor candidate, Taylor Sappington, is a 30-year-old, openly gay man from Appalachia!

* Want to know more about him and what an auditor even does? See our upcoming event on August 16th below! 

6️⃣ Majors polls show that Congressman Tim Ryan could win the senate race in Ohio, adding one more seat to our tight majority in the Senate! 

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