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    Why ERA is Important to Me

    2021 could be the year that women’s rights are secured in the U.S. Constitution – just 245 years after white men. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is positioned to be the 28th amendment once either the Senate removes the deadline from the 1972 resolution OR the Department of Justice instructs the US Archivist to add it. The threshold of 38 states ratifying it happened in 2020 but it has been held up due to some technicalities. YOU can help promote awareness and action on the ERA. 

    Would you like to tell Congress why the ERA is important to you? Here's how: Take a selfie, then add your picture and story in the textbox. You can also make a video and send in the url (just add the link in the textbox).   Your story can be up to 500 words.   If you need more words, just continue with additional posts.


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    We'll share these stories with Congressional allies to help them in their fight to finally add the ERA to the US Constitution. 
    Please note that the stories below are all user submitted and reflect individual opinions. By sharing your story here you are consenting to sharing your story publicly both on this site and with Congress. 

    Click here to read the first set of over 100 stories sent on March 25 to the Senate.

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    It is about time! We need ERA now!

    I went to all girls college for my Master’s degree in 2012. I did not understand why there were still all girls colleges! But my time in the college taught me the value of having such institutions, where women are at the center, surrounded by women and constantly inspired and encouraged by other women. I left the college empowered and with the conviction that I could achieve anything! But reality at the work place made me very aware that I was not equal to my male co-workers and achieving my goals was going to be harder. Much has changed in the past decades and there has been progress in guaranteeing women’s rights, but it is not enough. We are still paid less, we hold fewer high and managerial positions than men in the public and private sectors , pregnancy leave is seen as a privilege instead of a right, and the list goes on. We continue to be discriminated against! We need equality engrained in our Constitutions. ERA won’t be the end of the road, but it will provide a permanent protection against laws that discriminate on the basis of gender. ERA will be a powerful tool to set a consistent approach to addressing the many ways gender is covered by state and federal laws. Onélica, CA voter living in Belgium

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    Thank you Mr. President!

    The Hispanic Caucus of Democrats Abroad (DAHC) has thanked President Biden for keeping his campaign promise and acting swiftly in issuing an executive order to reinstate and fortify the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. 

    President Joseph Biden

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Re: Appreciation and gratitude

    February  25, 2021

    Dear Mr.  President,

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  • Interview with DACA recipients Ernesto Hernandez and Jimena Castro

    Author:  Monsy Hernandez

    Monsy Hernandez spoke with two DACA recipients, Ernesto Hernandez and Jimena Castro, about how the DREAM Act impacted them and what they think everyone should know about immigrants in the United States.

    DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a policy that provides the right to a renewable work permit for eligible immigrants who were brought into the United States as children without documentation. The DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) is the name for a process that would grant conditional residency, and potentially permanent residency, to eligible minors with an immigrant background. Many youths and students, mostly undocumented, who are covered by the protections it offers are called DREAMers.

    How has DACA impacted you?

    Ernesto: DACA has definitely impacted me in a positive way, I mean, previous to DACA, you know, like many other immigrants in this country we were hiding in the shadows for lack of better words, we were undocumented, we couldn’t find jobs or go to school, so when DACA came out it gave us a chance to come out of the shadows, participate in school programs. It helped me seek better paying jobs, and it's definitely helped me out over the last six years of being DACA-mented.

    Jimena: DACA impacted me because it allowed me to get a driver’s license. We’re only allowed to have it yearly. From my understanding, United States citizens are allowed to have their driver’s licenses for over ten years. We’re only allowed to have it while our DACA is valid for two years, then we have to go through a renewal. It also allowed me to get a job legally. It gave me a social security number, a right-to-work permit, and it also allowed me to go to school. But every state has different provisions as to what they allow. SC puts a lot of restrictions on the people that go to school, which is why I go to school in Delaware. SC charges out-of-country tuition for DACA, so it’s very unaffordable. No FAFSA, no federal loans, so we’re basically on our own with that. It limits you in what you can be. They don’t allow people with DACA to become lawyers, and anything that requires you to get licensing exams that they would allow any United States citizen to take. I’m going to school to be a nurse, but I can’t take the exam that allows me to get licensed in South Carolina. DACA does allow you to go to school, you just have to find your way.

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