March 28, 2017

DAG Chapters Prepare for Annual AGM Fundraising Raffle

Each year during its Annual General Meeting, DA Germany Chapters prepare baskets, trips, and items characteristic of their region to donate as raffle items. DAG is excited to announce that this year will be no exception! Items this year range from Oktoberfest tent tickets, or local chocolates and wines, to stays at DA Members’ homes across Germany with tours of the nearby attractions. All bid proceeds go directly to DA Germany’s “Get Out the Vote” efforts for the upcoming midterm elections. Interested in having a stake for the prizes, but can’t make it to the 2017 AGM? A highlight of items are included here for pre-raffle participation. All early raffle purchases should be submitted via email to [email protected], with the total number of tickets desired, prior to 17:00 CET time on April 1st in order to be entered to the drawing. A transfer for the corresponding amount should be made to the DA Germany Account below or submitted via cash from a precinct voting location. Questions may also be directed to [email protected]. Probability of winning is correlated with number of tickets purchased, so donate a lot and donate often!

DAG is grateful to all members and chapters who have submitted items for bidding, and to everyone who casts bids to participate. DA is a 100% volunteer organization and all financial support lends a huge hand in making it happen.

Consider supporting DAG year-round by becoming a sustaining donor! Initiate a Dauerauftrag in any amount from your account to DAG via the account below. Thanks again for your support!

One for 5€
Five for 20€

Account name: Democrats Abroad Germany
IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99  |  BIC: MALADE51KLK

  • Two Tickets to Dems Abroad's Oktoberfest Extravaganza 2017 in glorious Munich!
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  • Weekend at the Bavarian home of DPCA Chair, Katie Solon!
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  • Delicacies of Heidelberg Basket!

    Captionless Image
  • The Essence of Wiesbaden-Mainz!

    Captionless Image
  • The Essence of Stuttgart Basket!

    Captionless Image
  • Weekend at the Siegerland home of DAG Chair, Quaide Williams!

    Captionless Image
  • Two Tickets to "Art Masters" in Munich!

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  • Two Tickets to Deutsches Symphonie Orchestra in die Haupstadt!

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