Universal Healthcare - It Makes Sense on So Many Levels #DAresists #Medicare4all

The first question one should ask oneself is, here, in a civilized society, why should one person be able to buy better healthcare than another? Aren't we all supposed to help each other? Isn't a healthy nation a successful one? Shouldn't we be leading the world instead of seeing some parts of the country reduced to third world levels of care? In the UK, we all put in, like for any insurance scheme, and when we fall ill, it's there for us. Until then, we subsidize the health of our neighbors. If you read about any problems nowadays, it is because private for-profit interests have been allowed into the system to the extent that when the government says it is investing more in the NHS, it isn't a question of how much, it's where it's going. And of course, Brexit won't help in terms of staffing. But at it's heart, the National Health system is a wonderful thing. Knowing that if you fall ill or need an operation you will be taken care of, frees you up to be a more positive and productive member of society. A healthy nation is a strong nation. Yes one must rein in profiteers to make it affordable - but no one is saying they can't make a profit - just not at the life and death expense of the country as a whole. National Healthcare is good for all and would be great for America - we would be unbeatable.