March 11, 2018

Talk with Wolfgang Cramer, Climate and Biodiversity Scientist – Making a Difference, One by One!

Rarely has a talk on climate change been so clear! On March 10th, Professor of Global Ecology Wolfgang Cramer, expert on climate change and deputy director of the Institut Méditerranéen de Biodiversité et d’Ecologie Marine et Continentale (IMBE) in Aix, took us step by step through today's most important issues concerning the ecological state of our world. Cars - the sea level - the Antarctic - the Paris Agreement were just some of the topics touched by Prof Cramer who opened our eyes to new information. The political implications were clear - What kind of planet will we leave for our grandchildren? Our actions today - as small as they may be - whether choosing a bike over a car or casting a vote! - DO make a difference and will decide our future.

Professor Wolfgang Cramer

The audience at the Mado café in Aix was extremely attentive. We were honored to have Prof Cramer talk to us. Many thanks to Karen and Robert Wildau for organizing this great moment.

20 attentive listeners at the Mado Café in Aix-en-Provence