British National Health Service #DAresists #Medicare4all

I have lived in Britain many years and consider the British National Health Service a very good thing. It is for everybody, rich and poor. It is possible to still have health insurance and there are doctors that see both private and NHS patients. There are still private hospitals. The British people consider NHS very important and would not be without it. I can't imagine a civilised country not having a health service. Many countries in Europe have Health Services funded in different ways. I receive ongoing treatment and so far it has been excellent. I have had major operations. All good. Some of the nurses that look after me believe that it is barbaric not to have a health service. I agree. It gives more freedom not less because there is freedom from want. My elderly mother paid insurance all her life in the USA. When I heard about the way she was treated in a hospital she was paying for I felt shocked. I believe the NHS would have treated her etter.