May 20, 2023

AGM and Elections 2023 Results - Thanks for your Participation!

Our Nominations and Elections Committee wants to THANK YOU all for your participation and attendance to support our Election of Officers and our AGM for 2023!  [And we want to thank the NEC for their work and organization for this election cycle].  Hybrid meetings are never easy, but it was great to have so many people attend - and technology helps that happen!  It was great to share conversations and ideas for the year ahead. 

The Executive Committee for DA Ireland has been elected as follows:

Chair:  Patti Shields

Vice Chair:  Richard Hartheimer

Secretary:  Amy McGovern

Treasurer: TJ Mullow

Counsel:  Anne Brady

Members at Large:  Jason Fitz-Patrick, Richie Cunningham and Francis Stephens 

We have one vacant slot for member at large, preferably for Young Democrat.  Please contact us if you are interested in that role.  

The Executive Committee is excited to move forward with your continued support, and as we look to host designated Global Presidential Primary Sites around Ireland next spring - we will need your full support!  

Please look for our upcoming newsletter for our events in June, Including links to the Democrats Abroad Global meeting June 9-10th in Washington DC, and our June Meeting (via Zoom) and the Flavors of Fingal July 1/2nd this year!  It should be out by mid next week along with some information from our AGM meeting itself.  We also will have a brief survey for you to fill out as well to help us make sure we are in touch with what you are looking to support and participate in! 

Please reach out to any member of the executive committee or respond to this email if you have any questions.