Munich Chapter Chair; DPCA Representative, Germany

Every person we register could make a difference.

I was born in Los Gatos in 1997 to German immigrants living and working in the United States and have lived in Germany since I was 6 years old when my family moved back to Germany to be closer to the grandparents.

In 2015 I finished high school at Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium, Munich and continued onwards by studying physics in a Bachelor program at Ludwig-Maximillians-University Munich. I am currently working as a tutor for experimental physics lab courses and will finish my degree in March 2020.

I have been a member of Democrats Abroad since the 2016 election and volunteered for Democrats Abroad Munich for 2 years before becoming Chapter Chair and Democratic Party Committee Abroad Voting Representative.
As an American having lived most of my life abroad I understand the needs and difficulties accidental Americans face. I would be happy to answer any questions you have or point you in the right direction.

In my private life I enjoy cooking, reading and biking. And I love flying the occasional simulated rocket in Kerbal Space program.

Should you have any ideas, questions or suggestions please write me an email and I will get back to you.

Patrick Oberlaender

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    In Memory of John Henke

    Portrait of John Henke at the Science March 2018 in Munich 

    With great sadness Democrats Abroad Munich shares the passing of John Henke, one of our most faithful and passionate volunteers. If you have been to any of our events in Munich, there is a good chance you spoke with John.

    John was a most considerate man with a passion for doing good. He always had an open ear, the advice to go with it and the fitting joke to cheer you up. His way of charming the world into a better place was to make people smile and laugh. A trained clown, far-travelled veteran and electronic engineer he had immense knowledge to draw from and he was more than happy to give it on; in dance or in words…

    He was the life of many a march or an evening and he embodied the spirit of reaching out to people. His tall silhouette framed by silvery long hair could often be spotted at the front of a march wearing a dapper top hat. Over the years John and his wife Kathleen sported a number of spectacular costumes always gathering and spreading good cheer. Among them John standing in for Uncle Sam during voter registration and resembling the best of him.

    While Kathleen loved to work the “Get Out The Vote” stand, John thrived scouting the masses at Marienplatz. He would dive into the crowd, finding unregistered Americans by their accents. He’d then send them over to Kathleen to register to vote. His buoyant good cheer in welcoming one and all will be missed immensely. John, we thank you for your incredible dedication to our organization and us for the warmth you always exuded.

    Now you are gone with the wind, travelling and exploring again…
    May you rest in peace

    John Henke with former Chapter Chair Meghan Driscoll at St. Patrick´s Day Parade
    Still needs some colour
    Rocking the shamrock

    John and his wife Cathy at  the Women´s March 2017
    Leading the way to progress (and the march)
    And registering Americans to vote
    John as Galileo Galilei

    We will see you again Mr. Galileo, in a better place - thx for being with us


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