Democrats Abroad elects eight members every four years to represent DA to the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

DNC members represent DA and its priorities to the DNC Chair, Executive Committee, staff, other state party DNC delegations, the 75 (appointed) at-large DNC members, dignitaries, and others attending two annual DNC meetings (pre-Covid). They represent DA when attending DNC committee, council, and caucus meetings.

Under current DNC Rules, they also serve as automatic delegates to the Democratic National Convention to nominate the Democratic candidates for President and Vice President.

proDA supports transparency, fairness, accountability, and democratic principles in Democratic Party policies and practices, which is why we provided a candidate survey and candidate forums for the 2020 election of the current DNC members, who will serve until the end of the 2024 National Convention.

Here is the information DA provides about our DNC members.

Here are the resources provided by the Progressive Caucus for the 2020 election of our current DNC members (with the exception of DA’s International Chair and Vice Chair who are elected differently)