Progressives in the Presidential Primary - Get Out The Vote!

Get Out the Progressive Vote in Presidential Primaries Now!


To win the presidential election in November, we must ensure our Democratic Party and candidate strongly support the progressive policies large U.S. majorities support, including Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, the Fight for 15, and much more!  Voters in the remaining primaries will determine whether or not the Democratic Platform includes these and other progressive policies. That platform will embody what we expect our candidate to promise on the campaign trail and do in the White House. 

What is the current delegate count* and what percentage of those remaining must each win to secure the nomination?  *delegate count data accurate as of May 24, 2020)

  • Joe Biden has 1,566 delegates and needs 33.3% of those remaining.*
  • Bernie Sanders has 1007 delegates and needs 77.2% of those remaining.**
  • Other candidates have received a total 131 delegates.

** Bernie Sanders needs 193 more delegates to reach 1,200 and 25%.  That would give him maximum minority clout on the Rules and Bylaws and the Platform Committees where crucial decisions will be made about Democratic Party reform and our progressive policies.

How many primaries remain and how many delegates remain unassigned?

What can we do?

  • If you vote in one of the remaining primary states, vote for the most progressive candidate.
  • If you know voters from these states, urge them to do the same. 
  • Join those who are reaching out via phone banking to urge others to vote for the most progressive candidate. You also might wish to volunteer for Once Again, a new political action committee supported by organizations like the Progressive Democrats of America and dedicated to progressive wins. (Pro tip: you can use 00000 as your zip code to register with these groups or use your U.S. zip code.)

Let’s ensure the largest possible number of delegates speak loudly in favor of the reforms and policies we need to win in November!