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    Hi from the DA chapter in Aix-en-Provence/Marseille.

    I joined the DA “progressive caucus” and have yet to hear from them.

    I would like to be more active but have no idea who to contact or how to go about being active.

    Can somebody suggest a contact and a means of follow-up?


    Peter Gillespie


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    I am a 68-year old Citizen of the World and “professional expat” enjoying retirement in the south of France. As a university student, I met a French woman who was teaching French in the Louisiana public school system. We married soon after graduation in 1975 and raised four daughters in New Orleans. My decision to “marry into French culture” reflected the “globalization spirit” of our times, a “golden age” for “liberal democratic culture and society”. During my lifetime however, our capacity to “lead by example” has almost always been subordinate to our capacity to project authority. That was the ideological context behind the cold war, and before that, our American struggle for Civil Rights. Our domestic struggle has been for fairness and equity against special interests. Since defeating fascism we have struggled to set a good example and live by the rules of an international order we built by consensus…

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