Monday, October 25


Beaten Down, Worked Up by Steven Greenhouse - - Global Progressive Caucus Book Discussion


Date: Monday, October 25, 2021 at 12:00 pm ET (Washington DC) time
Location: Zoom
Event Title: Beaten Down, Worked Up by Steven Greenhouse - - Global Progressive Caucus Book Discussion

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“Greenhouse probably knows more about what is happening in the American workplace than anybody else in the country. . .  a page-turning book that spans a century of worker strikes, without overcondensing or oversimplifying, and with plausible suggestions for the future. . . Great nonfiction requires great characters, and Greenhouse has the gift of portraiture. He is able to draw a complex, human portrait of a worker with a minimum of words, making the reader greedy for more details, not just about the policies but about the people. And he has both the newspaper writer’s ability to find the one or two individuals whose personal stories exemplify a larger point, and the historian’s ability to make what has already happened seem unlikely. He is skilled at homing in on the moments of the highest uncertainty, and transforming them into stories with quick and destabilizing twists and turns. . . Engrossing, character-driven, panoramic.”—Zephyr Teachout, The New York Times Book Review 

“What I fear is that the there is a systematic effort to wipe clean our national memory of the capacity and benefits of workers acting collectively and building strong unions. Greenhouse’s book helps us remember that labor unions really did build the middle class, raise the dignity of workers, and civilize workplaces. It also gives us reason to believe that, as labor activist Rose Schneiderman poetically framed it, workers still “must have bread” but “must have roses, too.”—Robert Bruno, Perspectives on Work

“[A] comprehensive primer on a subject that is intimately intertwined with our collective history. . . It is obvious that “Beaten Down, Worked Up” represents a monumental–and mostly successful–attempt to connect all the dots and thus provide a clear context for the ongoing societal debate about the efficacy of the labor movement and its place in contemporary culture. . . If you are concerned about the future, and especially our economic prospects, this is one you’ll definitely want to add to your reading list. Highly recommended.”—Aaron Hughey, Bowling Green Daily News

Participants need to know that if there are access, affordability, etc. problems for a book/books, they should contact co-leaders, John Esteban Rodriguez and Betsy Ettorre ([email protected]) who will help them with the listed books. Learn more about the proDA Book Club.

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Monday, October 25, 2021 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) Time


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