Raising American and South African-American Kids in SA


Democrats Abroad South Africa (DASA) invites you to a community discussion on Raising American and South African-American Kids in SA!

Sunday 11 July 2021
19:00-20:30 SAST
On Zoom

What are your experiences raising American or South African-American Kids in SA? Let's talk navigating schools, raising Third Culture Kids, creating and maintaining connection with both countries, and ideas for further DASA Kids discussions!

Eve Thompson and Richard Robinson will introduce and lead the discussion on this topic.  Eve and Richard met while living and working in South Africa in the mid-1990s. Richard was born in DRCongo where he and Eve lived as a couple for 10 years before returning to South Africa in 2018. They are raising two daughters, one who they are co-parenting with the biological mom who is Eve's mom's caregiver. Richard, who also has three adult sons will talk about being a "Third Culture Kid" or "TCK" raising other TCKs and Eve who is a specialist in Democracy and Governance will talk about linking American kids to American politics.  They invite others to share their experiences with these or other topics involving raising kids in South Africa.

Do you have a story to share or a challenge you’re currently grappling with?

Richard and Eve invite you to email stories or challenges in advance to assist in preparing for the session – you can send them to [email protected]-  but you’re also welcome to simply join in and share them on the 11th. 

  • Navigating schools and your children’s education
  • Third Culture Kids
  • Ensuring connection with both South Africa and the US
  • Connecting our children with each other
  • Introducing our kids to the US political system
  • Other experiences raising children abroad

This is part of a DASA series focused on raising the next generation as socially conscious, proactive American citizens - especially targeted to those living in SA. Join us!

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July 11, 2021 at 7pm - 8:30pm Pretoria Time
Anthony Stonefield Monique D Griffith Robert Kelley Niki Topp Bradley Jackson Anthony Smith Emily D'Aubrey Pierre Filatov Michael Finley Lynn Keeys Kate Brim-Senekal Tanya Goodman Liz OLeary Stephen Newton

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