I left Tennessee and moved to Canada so I could access healthcare. #DAresists #Medicare4all

I chose to come and live in Canada so I could access affordable and high-quality healthcare, something I was not provided as a US citizen and resident of Tennessee. I was born with a genetic disorder and I have several autoimmune issues. But thankfully I was able to live a pretty good and happy life in Tennessee. However, several months before graduating from Middle Tennessee State University I received a letter from my parents' health insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) saying that I was being kicked off because of my pre-existing conditions. I also received a letter from my school loan company saying my payments were going to begin soon. I had just graduated from college, I was unemployed, and it was the peak of the recession. Receiving these letters was a cold and cruel wake-up call for me. Needless to say my family struggled for the next years to find me access to healthcare. I was on COBRA payments for a while, which cost $320 a month just for me. At certain points I was uninsured and doctors told me to fund the surgeries I needed by applying for charity. Charity. Me, born, raised, and a faithful taxpayer in the US should apply for charity to pay for medical needs. At that moment I decided to leave the US. I now live and work in Canada and I have been able to access all the care I need. The healthcare here in Canada is high quality and most importantly, I do not have to worry about being denied care, nor do I worry about how I will afford to pay rent and food, and also pay for healthcare bills. Because here my care has been publically funded. And yes, sometimes I wait two months to see a specialist (when it's not an emergency), but I waited years upon years to see doctors in the US and I was denied each time (all before Obamacare). I want to one day return to the US, but until some sort of universal coverage is passed, I'm too afraid. I feel too secure and safe here in Canada.