Remembering Breonna Taylor: An Online Vigil

Last week, we got news that a grand jury in Kentucky refused to indict the officers who killed Breonna Taylor for her murder. Instead, one officer was indicted for wanton endangerment of the occupants of the apartment next to Breonna's. If you're like me, you were heart broken and furious that once again, our system failed to provide justice for a black person. Breonna's case is not an exception; it's not an outlier. She like so many other black women and men are victims of a system of policing and criminal justice that refuses to afford black and brown skin the same treatment and consideration as white skin. Enough is enough. It is clear to me that justice cannot and will not be given or granted. Justice can only be created by those who demand it. So let's come together to once again morn our sister Breonna, may she rest in power. And discuss how we can create and shape our justice. Say her name.

October 01, 2020 at 4:00pm - 6pm Berlin Time
Ben Cole ·
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