Reparations Task Force

Democrats Abroad and the Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus are now committed to meeting the rising challenges facing Black Americans through a collective push for the acknowledgement, redress, and closure for Black trauma in the U.S. 

Do this we must, for time is short.

Heeding the call for real action in the face of structural racism, Democrats Abroad has powerfully thrown its weight behind the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act—known as H.R. 40. This bill would enact a commission to begin researching how Black Americans have suffered under racialized terror and political suppression and would then make recommendations for redress.

As a State Party Reparations Task Force (one of only two in the Democratic Party), our first goal is to create ties with, and provide support for, existing task forces and advocacy groups, share data, and work together to create greater awareness and demand for reparatory justice for Black Americans. As Americans abroad, we exist in a particularly advantageous niche as the only Reparations Task Force with a global purview on U.S. Reparations legislation. It’s time to leverage this invaluable perspective and context to the advantage of democracy, justice, and reparative legislation.

In support of such legislation, the RTF supports and seeks to advocate and educate for the measures called for in the 10-Point Reparations Plan of the National African-American Reparations Commission. Please see the 10-Point Plan here.

As a global-level task force, our ultimate goals are to:

  1. Coordinate interdependent relationships with all global and country-level DA caucuses to
  2. Engage with stateside local, state, and federal Reparations Task Forces and Initiatives through exchange of data and statistics;
  3. Utilize the unique and global reach of DA to produce data-driven papers examining political support and activism of Americans abroad for reparations;
  4. Submit research papers to stateside pro-Reparations congresspeople concerning political leanings and attitudes on reparations;
  5. Coordinate educational initiatives on topics of significance for Black cultural heritage and collective memory, voter mobilization, and activist campaigns behind municipal, state, and federal reparation policies, programs, and political candidates.

The RTF is looking for Democrats Abroad members who are driven and motivated to jump into the fight for full reparatory justice for Black Americans. We are looking for volunteers who wish to support H.R. 40 and all other American reparative legislation at the local, state, and national levels.

If you are interested in getting involved in this fight for justice, please send an email to [email protected] indicating your name, country committee, and what reparative justice means to you and why you are passionate about it.

My name is Antar Keith, a DPCA Voting Representative from Democrats Abroad Germany, and Chair of the Democrats Abroad Reparations Task Force (RTF). The RTF is looking for volunteers to join the fight for reparative justice in America for Black Americans. If you want to know more about this important task force, then please keep reading.

We live in an era of hyper-focused politics, where scores of local, state, midterm, and general elections are now decided by razor-thin margins. These margins are being increasingly reduced through a powerful, tech-savvy form of structural racism—reinforced by a national reluctance to address the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, and modern white supremacy. 

This system has grown to permeate many American institutions and policies—from statutes to law enforcement to the economy.

Although shocking, these devastating tactics are nothing new. They are the latest and most sophisticated iterations of a generations-old threat. Beginning with chattel slavery, racism has continued to adapt to the times, embedding itself into state legislatures in the post-Reconstruction Jim Crow era, creating the infamous racial wealth gap. This gap, in turn, has in so many ways both led to and enabled today’s triple inequality of predatory policing, mass incarceration, and Black voter suppression. 

Republican-led efforts to defend and even increase legacy tactics for discrimination have, for the last 50 years, dramatically altered the playing field for Democrats and now threaten to undermine voting rights, Civil Rights, and American democracy itself.

The primary target of these threats have historically been Black Americans, resulting in today's racial disparities in educational, legal, civic, and healthcare experiences in America. As stated earlier, however, these threats are only the latest iterations of a long American legacy, lasting over hundreds of years and—if no policy action is taken—risks outlasting each one of us for hundreds of years more. Americans of all backgrounds working together, however, can begin the process of reversing each of these disparities one by one through legislative reparative policy action.

Join our Reparations Task Force Team!