I requested my ballot

Thank you for requesting your ballot
and helping to power the blue wave!


All 50 states are currently sending ballots to overseas voters for the 2018 midterms. If you requested but haven't received your ballot yet, contact your local election office. Tell them you are checking on the status of your overseas absentee ballot, because you have already requested it this year and are still waiting for it to arrive. 

If your local election office confirms you have properly requested your ballot but it has still not arrived by Oct 7, complete and send in a backup ballot (aka FWAB). If your official ballot arrives later, you can still fill it out and return it. If your local election office receives both before the deadline, they will only count your official ballot. More about completing the backup ballot here.

Be sure your ballot arrives in time! For the <5% of all absentee ballots that are not counted each year, most arrive late. Find your state's deadlines here.

Tell your friends and family abroad that deadlines are coming soon!
They can request their overseas absentee ballot at votefromabroad.org