Secretary, Madrid Chapter

As Americans overseas, we view the U.S. through an especially critical lens. When talking to citizens from other countries, we are often pushed into the role of impromptu ambassador and urged to give an opinion about the current administration. The actions taken by the U.S. affect the world...a cringe-worthy thought at times.

Although we live far from home, we can still make an impact. Our opinions can be heard, and our votes can make a difference. 2020 does not need to experience the same disastrous results as 2016. Democrats Abroad will ensure that we overseas Americans have a visible role in the U.S. political fabric.

As secretary of DA Madrid, I help you to stay informed about DA events, write up the minutes, organize the Madrid chapter database, and provide voting information to everyone who wants to be heard in our nation's elections.

My career as a writer, editor, and content marketer has given me with the skills to support DA's communication and outreach efforts. My role as a volunteer at SOS Racismo Madrid and back home in Chicago motivates me to help alleviate the issues that affect my local community. I enjoy having an opportunity to serve the American community in Madrid. We WILL make a difference in the 2020 election.

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    Selfies y Sangria for Warren

    On Friday, February 28th, there will be a Selfies y Sangria for Warren event from 6p-9p at La Valentina, Calle Pelayo, 26 (Metro: Chueca).

    Supporters of Elizabeth Warren in Madrid are organizing a selfie and sangria party to connect over the senator's many plans and build awareness about the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary. Dream big, fight hard, and eat some tapas!

    And, yes, there will be a selfie line! Voters in early states get the real deal, but we will have our own fantastic version of the senator. Nevertheless, we have persisted to get you your selfie.

    Tapas are first come, first serve. Buy your own sangria, caña, or wine, and get in line for that selfie!

    RSVP on Facebook or via email:

    Democrats Abroad is pleased to make announcements for all presidential campaigns on an equal basis. Please send announcements with images that you wish to be posted, or we can share from your existing FB page. Send your instructions to


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    Volunteering with DA Madrid

    Democrats Abroad (DA) chapters all over the world are preparing for the Global Presidential Primary (GPP). If the 2016 election cycle is any indication, hundreds of people are estimated to participate in Madrid alone.

    As such, over two dozen DA members and supporters spent their Sunday afternoon with us to learn about opportunities to volunteer at our events.

    At our informational session, we explained the importance of the GPP, the delegate selection process, and what our specific GPP events are going to look like. While voting for the presidential candidates is the main focus, our Super Tuesday event will also include food, activities, and entertainment!

    Volunteering opportunities are not just open to U.S. citizens. Nationals of other countries are also free to get involved. 

    Although only U.S. citizens can handle voter data, there are plenty of ways that non-U.S. supporters can help. 

    If you're interested in possibly volunteering with DA Madrid, send us a message at


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    Getting ready for 2020!

    For the past several months, DA members and supporters have come together for drinks, debates, and discussion at The Village Tap Room. 

    Whether you're a long-time Madrid resident, living here temporarily, or just passing through town, feel free to stop by and join us! Although only U.S. citizens can become members of Democrats Abroad, nationals from other countries are always welcome at these events. 

    At the January debate, four newcomers decided to become a member of Democrats Abroad. Out of the 30 attendees, over a dozen had already requested an absentee ballot. 

    As overseas voters, we can request a ballot through and vote in the General Presidential Primary (GPP). If you're not already a member of Democrats Abroad, you can join when you request your ballot.

    In Madrid, we'll be holding GPP in-person voting events on three days:

    Tuesday, March 3
    The Village Tap Room calle Martin de los Heros, 28 28008
    6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

    Saturday, March 7
    The Village Tap Room 
    11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    Sunday, March 8
    The Village Tap Room 
    5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

    Hundreds of overseas Americans joined us for the GPP in 2016. We hope you'll be among them this year!

    In February, we will get an invite to choose delegates for Democrats Abroad for the Democratic National Convention. Out of all the chapters worldwide, delegates from the Madrid chapter have been chosen to attend multiple times over the past few years. If you'd be interested in applying, let us know!

    Stay tuned for more updates about events, voting, and other information! We'll keep you updated here and through our social media channels.


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    Events with Madrid for Bernie

    Madrid for Bernie and Spain4Bernie have two GREAT events this week! 

    This Friday and Sunday come meet fellow Bernie supporters. There's always a way to get involved so don't be shy! See you there!

    Birras for Bernie

    Friday, December 13th, at 8 PM. La Morada, Calle Fernando Poo, 4, 28045, Madrid

    Curious about Bernie Sanders? American Politics? Medicare for All and the Green New Deal? Come down to La Morada this Friday at 20:00. Have a beer or snack, meet the Madrid4Bernie team, and join the Political Revolution!

    European Phone Bank for Bernie

    Sunday, December 15th, at 6 PM. Plaza de las Penuelas, 3, Madrid

    Join the political revolution! All across Europe, Bernie supporters are phone banking at this time to help elect Bernie and transform our country. Making these calls or texts is the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do to elect Bernie Sanders in 2020. All you need is a laptop and headphones/microphone. You'll be reaching out to prospective voters in US states and asking them about their support for Bernie. 

    English and Spanish speakers of all nationalities welcome!

    Democrats Abroad is pleased to make announcements for all presidential campaigns on an equal basis. Please send announcements with images that you wish to be posted, or we can share from your existing FB page. Send your instructions to


  • Meet and Greet Events with Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, and Spain for Pete Buttigieg

    We are pleased to announce three upcoming events for presidential hopefuls in the Democratic Primary election. With the advent of COP25, both Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg are in town. They want to meet you!

    Furthermore, Pete Buttigieg’s delegation is on the ground, hosting an event to advocate for their candidate and provide information to voters like you.

    Democrats Abroad is pleased to make announcements for all presidential campaigns on an equal basis. Please send announcements with images that you wish to be posted, or we can share from your existing FB page. Send your instructions to


    9 December, 8 PM. Lounge & Bar NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding. (Calle de Padre Damián, 23, 28036 Madrid)

    Come learn about the Tom Steyer presidential campaign over a drink on December 9th at 8pm at the Lounge & Bar at the NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding. Tom’s campaign has surged into fourth place in the early states in a recent poll, and we want to gather supporters in Madrid for a drink to talk about Tom’s main policies of eradicating corporate influence in our democracy and urgently addressing climate change, and anything else! 

    The event will be hosted by Vien Truong and Aaron Burgess, who lead climate policy for the Tom 2020 campaign. 

    Please RSVP to the event by sending an email to 

    To help Tom appear on the Democrats Abroad primary ballot, you can sign his petition here. Facebook event here.


    10 December, 6-7PM. The Village Tap Room (Calle Martín de los Heros 28, 28008 Madrid )

    Former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg recently threw his hat into the Democratic Presidential Primary. He is excited to take the opportunity to personally meet fellow Dems here in Madrid while attending COP25.

    Please join his campaign for a meet-up on Tuesday evening 6-7PM at The Village Tap Room.


    10 December, 8:30 PM. Casa Pueblo (Calle León 3, 28014 Madrid )

    It's a Pete Up in Madrid!

    If you are a Pete Buttigieg supporter or you are Pete-curious, please join us at Casa Pueblo on Tuesday, Dec 10th at 8:30pm for some tapas, cañas, or a copa de vino.

    It's a great opportunity to meet new people, discuss all things Pete, and learn how you can support Pete's campaign and voter registration activities. 

    Please help us get the word out! @pete2020abroad @petebuttigieg


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    LGBT Caucus Signup

    Democrats Abroad is committed to a world where all persons have access to the same rights and benefits, regardless of sexual identity or gender expression.


    The Democrats Abroad LGBT Caucus is the constituency group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex members and any Democrat abroad who supports them.

    The goals of the LGBT Caucus reflect the mission of Democrats Abroad to:

    • engage and empower LGBTI Americans living abroad to vote in US elections;
    • provide a platform for Democrats Abroad members, country committees and chapters to advance issues at the heart of the LGBTI community;
    • support Democrats Abroad’s members in issues they face living abroad as LGBTI Americans, such as access to government services and benefits for same-sex spouses and family members, the legacy resulting from past discrimination and Defense of Marriage Act.

    The LGBT Caucus: 

    • supports Democrats Abroad’s country committees and local chapters in organizing activities of interest to the LGBTI community, such as participation in pride events and voter outreach; 
    • disseminates information to Democrats Abroad members and promotes action on issues that affect LGBTI Americans and their families;
    • ensures that the LGBTI perspective is effectively incorporated in all the work of Democrats Abroad, including issues advocacy, communication and GOTV strategy, planning and execution; ensures that issues and policies that impact LGBTI Americans are included in the Democrats Abroad and Democratic Party platforms;
    • takes leadership in Democrats Abroad’s issues advocacy initiatives, including “door knock” visits to elected officials in Washington DC, to ensure that issues that impact LGBTI Americans living abroad and their families are included and addressed by elected representatives;
    • encourages LGBTI members to run for elected leadership roles within Democrats Abroad and fulfill Democrats Abroad’s diversity and affirmative action goals;
    • supports community building among Democrats Abroad’s LGBTI members and allies;
    • promotes Democratic Party candidates who demonstrate commitment to policies that positively impact the lives of LGBTI Americans;
    • supports and engages with Democratic Party LGBTI caucuses build capacity and achieve common goals.
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    Youth Caucus Signup

    The Youth Caucus of Democrats Abroad is committed to generating awareness of the concerns of young Americans and the challenges they face for the purpose of informing party policy-making and improving party outreach and organizing. The Youth Caucus will provide a platform for young Democrats abroad - those who are and those who seek to become politically active - to engage in and lead on issues and campaigns important to them.


    The Youth Caucus will be “youth-led” but open to those of all ages who support these central aims.

    The Youth Caucus will/proposes to:

    • Build political engagement by young Americans Democrats abroad. Initiatives will make young Americans abroad aware of:  voter registration and voting from abroad; issue education, advocacy and activism, especially youth-led and youth-related;  candidates and campaigns, especially those of young Democrats;  US political and election organizing from abroad; and overseas and domestic youth networks, contacts and resources.
    • Sponsor issue-focused Working Groups: The Caucus will engage young Democrats abroad in issues advocacy by inviting them to join teams studying particular issues (eg Environmental Sustainability Working Group) and developing and coordinating youth-led advocacy activities and campaigns.
    • Establish web-based communication channels for on-going youth outreach: A Youth Caucus Blog on the Democrats Abroad Youth Caucus webpage will provide continuous access to the work of the Youth Caucus and facilitate participation by members globally.
    • Work online. Membership will not be constrained by physical location. All general meetings, campaigns, fundraisers etc. will be conducted online via Skype, Social Media, Email, and Online Markets.
    • Encourage caucus members to organize live local events and gatherings for political education and outreach, issues advocacy or socializing.
    • Be youth-led, with a leadership team made up of volunteers from around the world aged between 18 and 35.
    • Engage with US-based Young Democrats or College Democrats groups to share information, advice, intelligence and ideas, build networks and to cross-promote each other.
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