Western Sweden Participation in DA Global Meeting (and Capitol Hill "Door Knocking") in DC!

Western Sweden Vice Chair Carry Cooper and IT Secretary Rick Wicks participated in DA's Global Meeting in DC (actually Arlington, VA) last week, including two days of "door knocking" on Capitol Hill, talking with Congressional staff about the concerns of Americans abroad, especially FATCA/FBAR and citizenship-based taxation. (Regarding FATCA, we'd like a Same Country Safe Harbor Exemption so that bank accounts in the same country where one resides would not need to be reported. Regarding taxation, we'd like a change to residency-based so we wouldn't have to file at all.)

Team 3 after door knocking: Tom Schmid (Japan), Christina Skovsgaard (Norway), Rick Wicks, Carry Cooper, Jim Mercereau (Spain)

This shows about half of the global leaders assembled for the meeting.

DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison talked with us and answered questions.

Adrianne George (whom we also claim for Western Sweden) with Carry and the country sign that Carry decorated

Carry in front of the Supreme Court after door knocking

Rick in front of the Supreme Court after door knocking