Perspective on mental health coverage from Oxford, England #DAresists #Medicare4all

Universal health care, free at the point of access, is one of the many reasons I have enjoyed living in the United Kingdom and am ambivalent about returning to the United States. This is not only because I have personally benefitted from the NHS, but also because of what it says about society in the UK: as compassionate, empathic human beings, we do not tolerate the suffering of those around us. Having spent six years for graduate studies in Oxford, this compassion manifested most explicitly with the homeless. Beyond the mental illnesses that often go undiagnosed and therefore untreated, universal health care meant that those most in need received proper medical attention. Often, this meant that the NHS would arrive with an ambulance and paramedics to treat an individual on the street or transport them to a hospital. The fact that this occurrence was not out of the ordinary in the UK makes this extraordinary. Universal health care is most important for the compassion of society that it demonstrates. Vassili Bazinas PhD Candidate Department of Economics