Member at Large & Chapter Social Media Chair, Rapid Action Team - National Member at Large

I'm a member-at-large of the DA-Mexico, executive committee and for SMA. For the last two years I've focused most of my efforts on developing and managing the Rapid Action Team which urges DA members to stay involved in the political process by influencing members of congress and other elected officials on issues of importance to us and others. "Democracy Sounds Like This" is a podcast that I script and do with Larry Pihl (DA-MX Chair) and various guests which is simply another way to reach out to DA members around the country. I intend to continue this work over the next two years and willingly stand for re-election.
I live in SMA for 8 or 9 months of the year and spend 3 or 4 months during the summer in West Virginia and Pittsburgh. I'm a native of New Hampshire and lived in Pittsburgh for 30+ years. I earned graduate degrees at the University of Pittsburgh. I've a long history of activism beginning in Selma in my early 20's. Here in SMA, I founded Amigos de la Presa (recently merged with Audubon de Mexico) which focuses on recreation as a way of raising environmental consciousness around water and involving people in environmental efforts. My wife is Beverly Spiro active in a variety of local works.

I'm a member at large for the SMA chapter and hope to advance the DA Agenda going forward. I'm also a member at large for the Mexico country ExComm.