DA Italy Action ​Alert: Environment

Earlier this week, President Trump signed a new Executive Order rolling back the Clean Power Plan​, an Obama initiative to ​limit greenhouse-gas emissions from existing power plants. ​This action will make it nearly impossible for the U.S. to meet its Paris Climate Agreement commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28% by the year 2025.

The new Executive Order comes two weeks after President Trump’s proposed budget slashed funding to the EPA by 31%, more than any other government agency.  Cuts to the EPA would cripple the agency’s ability to regulate the pollution by corporations of our air, land and waterways.  It will destroy thousands of jobs across the country, harm the health of Americans, and slow the growth of clean energy like wind, gas and solar, while propping up industries that are no longer economically competitive.

​We all need to raise our voices in opposition to these destructive actions that will impact the health of our planet and the lives of current and future generations. ​Please take a few minutes to all or e-mail your Representative/Senators and the White House and tell them that protecting the environment matters to you and is a vital national priority​. Apps and websites like https://hearmyvoice.com/ make it SUPER simple to contact your elected officials via, phone, email and social media instantaneously on a variety of issues.  There are plenty of ways to make your voice heard!


Here are sample scripts for Reps/Senators:

The Capitol Hill switchboard number is 202-224-3121.  It has an automated system to get you to your Representative or Senator. If you can't get through you can call the district office (http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/). The link will also help you find their email address.

 “Hello, my name is ______.  I ​ am calling​ ​(​Senator/Representaive​) ______ to urge him/her to fight against President Trump’s plan to dismantle the Clean Power Plan and the Environmental Protection Agency. We need these regulations and agencies to safeguard our children’s health and build a strong economy based on clean, renewable energy. Thank you for your time.” 


For President Trump:

The White House comment line is 202-456-6213.

​“Hello, my name is ______.  I am calling the President to object to the Executive Order to dismantle the Clean Power Plan and the proposed budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.  We need these regulations and the Agency to safeguard our children’s health and build a strong economy based on clean, renewable energy.”  


You're not too small!

Taking action doesn't have to be complicated! Calling a U.S. number from abroad is simple and inexpensive.  If you have a Skype account, you can buy a small amount of credit and call directly from your cell phone or computer.    You're not too small to make a difference! BE A MOSQUITO!