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    DAG National Elections 2023

    DA Germany 2023 Elections


    These are the results of the 2023 DA Germany Election, held on March 25. The NEC would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all candidates, voters and volunteers who participated.

    • Chair: Kenton Emery Barnes (m)
    • Vice Chair: Emily Lines (f)
    • Secretary: Shari Temple
    • Treasurer: Powen Shiah
    • Academic Outreach Coordinator: Stephen Foose
    • Advertising Coordinator: Angela Fobbs
    • Caucus Coordinator: Kaili Morris
    • Chapter Development Coordinator: Matt LeMieux
    • Communications Coordinator: Nicole Gross
    • Events & Fundraising Coordinator: Karena Detweiler
    • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Coordinator: Teresa Ritterhoff
    • Membership & IT Coordinator: Cliff Stuehmer
    • Press Coordinator: Pegi Jones
    • DPCA Voting Representatives:
      • Constance Chucholowski (f)
      • Angela Fobbs (f)
      • Christian J. Gross (m)
      • Antar Keith (m)
      • Kaitlyn Kennedy (f)
      • Malaika Kusumi (f)
      • Mark Neel (m)
      • Teresa Ritterhoff (f)
      • Powen Shiah (m)
      • Cliff Stuehmer (m)
      • Carl Landon Taylor (m)
      • Shari Temple (f)
      • Jennifer von Estorff (f)
      • Quaide Williams (m)
        • Alternate: Karena Detweiler (f)
        • Alternate: Stephen Foose (m)
        • Alternate: Ann Hesse (f)
        • Alternate: Daniel Hoever-Eckardt (m) 


    DA Germany holds elections for new officers in the first quarter of every odd-number year. This includes positions at the local chapter level and the Germany national level.

    All local chapter elections are held before the national elections.

    Below, you will find an overview of the national elections.

    National Elections

    National elections will be held in person and online during the 2023 DA Germany Annual General Meeting on March 25-26, 2023. To participate in the election, one must be a member of DA Germany. The deadline to RSVP for the election will be 11:00am on March 25, 2023.

    More information about the event is here.

    National Election Rules & Procedures

    The election rules are defined in the DA Germany Bylaws and the DA Germany National Election Rules. National-level elections are facilitated by a neutral, three-member Nominations and Election Committee (NEC) of the DA Germany ExCom. No members of the NEC were seeking national-level office themselves.

    If you have any questions, please send to the 2023 Nominations and Elections Committee at [email protected]

    National Positions

    See Job Descriptions for all positions here.

    DA rules state that our Chair and Vice Chair must be different genders, and no gender can make up more than half plus one of the full delegation of DPCA Voting Reps. We've asked candidates their gender and have included it for candidates for the relevant positions: (m) male, (f) female, (n) non-binary.

    The available roles are:

    • Chair
    • Vice Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Academic Outreach Coordinator
    • Advertising Coordinator
    • Caucus Coordinator
    • Chapter Development Coordinator
    • Communications Coordinator
    • Events & Fundraising Coordinator
    • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Coordinator
    • Membership & IT Coordinator
    • Press Coordinator
    • DPCA Voting Representative (14 elected positions, 4 alternates)

    Nomination and Candidate Statement forms closed at 12:01pm on February 27, 2023. Members may still declare their candidacy or be nominated by someone else from the floor during the election on March 25. If you wish to write a Letter of Endorsement for one of the candidates, please fill out the Letter of Endorsement Form.

    Early nominees are listed in alphabetical order by surname.

    The Early Nominees are:

    • CHAIR: Kenton Emery Barnes (M)
    • VICE CHAIR: Emily Lines (F)
    • SECRETARY: Shari Temple
    • TREASURER: Powen Shiah
    • CAUCUS COORDINATOR: Kaili Morris
    • CHAPTER DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR: Allegra Grunberg, Matt LeMieux
    • MEMBERSHIP & IT COORDINATOR: Sabrina Gren, Cliff Stuehmer
      • Angela Fobbs (F)
      • Stephen Foose (M)
      • Karen Frankenstein (F)
      • Christian Gross (M)
      • Ann Hesse (F)
      • Daniel Hoever-Eckardt (M)
      • Antar Keith (M)
      • Kaitlyn Kennedy (F)
      • Malaika Kusumi (F)
      • Kaili Morris (F)
      • Mark Neel (M)
      • Teresa Ritterhoff (F)
      • Powen Shiah (M)
      • Carl Landon Taylor (M)
      • Shari Temple (F)
      • Jennifer von Estorff (F)
      • Quaide Williams (M)

    There will be two Meet the Candidates sessions. All early candidates are invited to speak at these events. They will be held on Wednesday, March 15, at 7pm and Sunday, March 19, at 2pm. If a candidate cannot attend, they are allowed to send a surrogate who may speak on their behalf.

    Click 'read more' below to see Candidate Statements and Letters of Endorsement.


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