To the HEART of the matter #DAresists #Medicare4all

Soon after the birth of our son, he was diagnosed with Tetrology of Fallot. At age 3 he had surgery to provide a shunt for temporary relief. At age 4 he had open heart surgery. All of this was done with no cost to us, other than the income tax we happily paid. These life saving surgeries were done at Montreal Children's Hospital. Since then he has lived a productive, healthy life. Then, this year, as a 54 year old, he underwent open heart surgery again, in order to repair his original value problem, this time in Toronto. Again, at no cost to him, and a positive outcome. I personally have had a number of surgeries, e.g., gall bladder surgery and prostrate surgery. The most significant surgery, however, was in 2013, when I suffered a heart attack and had open heart surgery to deal with an aneurysm and a seriously blocked aorta. That surgery was performed in Hamilton General Hospital in Hamilton Ontario. To sum up, both my son and I have had our lives saved by heart surgery. This has been cost free under Canada's Universal healthcare. Sure, we sometimes have long waits to see our doctors for routine aches and pains. But when it came to life threatening heart problems, help was immediately at hand. The only expenses associated with were for television and, for visitors, parking fees. And, of course, taxes, which spread the cost to all, sick and well, to support such a significant healthcare system. As an American abroad, I thank the gods for Canada's healthcare. Here, healthcare is a right, not a privilege. It pains me to see what turmoil American healthcare is in, and how politicized the issue is. For my fellow citizens 'south of the border,' I wish you 'well' and hope for better healthcare soon.