2016 "Final Weekend" Campaign Briefing

The Final Weekend  - A Live Campaign Briefing and update from the Hillary for America campaign

Friday, 4 Nov. By Video Conference

Starting at 10:15 AM EDT (Washington, DC time)

As we head in to the final weekend of the 2016 campaign, hear a live update on the state of the race from campaign insiders  AND  support  Democrats Abroad's Get out the Vote efforts as we make the final push to make sure that: Hillary Clinton is elected the 45th  President of the United State, that

Donald Trump never gets near the White House, and that we have a Congress that will support our agenda.

Just make a supporting donation to Democrats Abroad and join us for a live video conference call and Q&A session with top Clinton Campaign staff to get the latest insights into the status of the race, and learn where the last pushes are needed to win.

Donating: $16, $25, $45, or $270 - or more will enable you to join this campaign briefing.


We'll be hearing from - and watching:



Adam Parkhomenko


National Field Director


Giulia Marchiori Ceresa

Americans Abroad, Hillary for America


Your supporting donation to DA will help us reach more voters in key states where turnout will make the difference.

This final update from the campaign, exclusively for members of Democrats Abroad will highlight where your calls and contributions can still have an impact.  We still have members we are calling in states that are still accepting registrations and ballots, you can join the calls at:


(Note that while much of the world has shifted back to “Standard Time” this week the US is still on Daylight Savings Time.)

November 03, 2016 at 6pm - 9pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Will you come?