Jennifer von Estorff

Global State Teams Coordinator; Germany DPCA Voting Rep; Göttingen-Hannover Region Chapter Chair

Over the past year, I have helped to organize and lead the developing State Teams, particularly the Texans Abroad team. I was appointed to the role of the Global State Teams Coordinator at the beginning of 2022 and work together with our 12 teams to provide targeted outreach to our key state voters. We are also hosting numerous Meet the Candidate events throughout the year to help connect overseas voters with the candidates for a range of officers in their states. 

I also serve as a DPCA Voting Representative for Democrats Abroad Germany, and my volunteer efforts with Democrats Abroad began when I took on the establishment of the Hannover Precinct. After helping to increase our membership and presence in Hannover so that we could become the Göttingen-Hannover Chapter, I first became the Vice Chair of our growing chapter and am currently Chair. I am a native Texan who has called Germany home for 20 years. As a mother of two boisterous boys and an international school teacher, I am passionate about helping young people take action to make the world around them a better place. I try to lead by example with the work that I do both at Democrats Abroad and on other projects, such as assisting refugees, protecting the environment and helping local food banks. I hope that we can continue to increase the outreach in our region, in Germany and across the globe to ensure as many people as possible exercise their right to vote. I also truly hope that we can turn Texas blue!! 

Mother, teacher and a Texan who calls Germany home
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