November 06, 2020

Steve Nardi, DemsAbroad Canada Chair, talks with CTV News on the need to count every vote

The night after election day, as Chair of DemsAbroad Canada, I spoke with Marella Fernandez of CTV News on the variety of creative and legacy-type initiatives DemsAbroad Canada undertook to reach the est. 625k Americans living across Canada eligible to vote in the 2020 election to cast their ballot.

Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers contributing thousands of hours of their time, resulting in a greater than 250% increase in DemsAbroad Canada members' ballot requests, my prediction is that the 2020 vote from Americans in Canada will double the 2016 results. I am immensely proud of every person who contributed to this success!

I also talk to the need to count every vote, to let the process work the way it's supposed to. Each person has a right to have their vote counted. It was well known in advance that it was improbable to have an outcome on election night due to the historic millions of mail-in ballots to be counted. Neither candidate nor the media declares the election winner. The winner is determined by the declared results from each of the 50 states.

We wrap up the conversation with concerns for what the next two months could be like should Joe Biden be declared the winner as expected and any comparison between the 2000 election and 2020. For reference, the Ex is Ontario's "state fair" held in Toronto for the last two weeks of August.