Tell us your universal healthcare story - Tiny Action for September 27

The vast majority of Americans abroad support universal health care, because millions of us have experienced it first hand. Many of us have our own story to tell about our coverage. Do you?

Share your story on our site now.

(Or email and tell us why you support universal health care)

As an American abroad, your stories provide Senate Dems first-person evidence of what is possible for America’s health care system: quality healthcare that is affordable and available for everyone. 

We’ll share your stories with Congress to highlight the fact that quality health care can be affordable and available for everyone.

For anyone who has already shared your health care stories with us, thank you! Please ask your friends to share their story too.

Republicans believe the U.S. can't afford quality healthcare for every person. Democrats Abroad know we can't afford to live without it — because so many of us have seen the difference, first hand.